I Did Not See This Coming Either

I’ve guessed wrong at every twist and turn of who would be the replacement host for Jeopardy. I thought Mike Richards was okay, but just okay, and I was bothered by the fact that he seemingly chose himself, as the show producer.

There were rumors of some old bad behavior but the shows other producers must have determined it to be a nothing burger, hence the announcement that Mike would fill Alex’s shoes.

I remember all too well that Ken Jennings went the full mea culpa route when he was being considered for the job. His constant anti-conservative, anti-Trump Twitter rants caught up with him, the producers had him publicly apologize, but no one believed he was sorry.

Same for Mike Richards. Apologies are meaningless unless they are heartfelt. I bet enough fans wrote in to demand Richards step down that it actually happened.

I’m reading some Instagram feeds on this topic and the majority are Team LeVar Burton. I didn’t seem him host so I have no frame of reference if he was really that good or if it’s a desire to have a black host. I don’t know.

Anyway, back to square one.

16 thoughts on “I Did Not See This Coming Either

  1. I’ll take WTH for $500 Alex

    “Richards — who will continue as executive producer on “Jeopardy!,” according to Sony representatives”

    They canned him as host but keep him on as executive producer?

  2. I think that was part of the stink fans raised. If Richards is executive producer and he selected himself as host, how could he been considered objective to choose anyone else?

  3. I mean he said some stupid crap during a podcast, stupid for a professional of any kind, but not life ending.
    This is totally a push by the tiny woke minority, who probably don’t even watch, to get Burton hired.
    It will end up being Burton (the worst) and Bialik (near the bottom) getting hired, the show will be dumb-ed down even further, and will eventually be hosted by a Kardashian type or someone who thinks the Urban Dictionary should be required reading for English majors.

  4. Agree. But that as the executive producer, that he didn’t see this kerfuffle coming is strange. That’s why I think he quit. Not so much for what he said earlier but that a lot of people thought he wrongly hired himself.
    James Holzhower (sp?) came out swinging at Richards today saying so many fine people were considered who got rabbit holed.

  5. Sometimes these people are so full of it, and themselves, they can’t see the pile they’re sitting on or spewing.
    I like Holzhauer’s take on this. Guy has no filter, and I like it!

  6. Given your stature as an astute woman chronicling at times the takeover of America by Leftists these past 10 or so years, I was taken aback by your admission of surprise at this turn of events. It is generally safe to say these days that a surprise occurs when there is no scandal causing someone (someone of lighter hue, that is – see the Joy Reid exception on hateful speech directed at homosexuals being ignored) to be dethroned by the Leftist Mob.

    We are rapidly returning to Biblical-era justice and tolerance. Redemption from sin now seems a stretch if not impossible (unless you’re in the habit of publicly wishing death to others while married to John Legend, in which case an invite to Martha’s Vineyard is on its way from No. 44) and one’s lot in life must be preordained by one’s skin hues as enforced by certain enlightened community organizers. I think it is entirely fitting that the Taliban – the original White Supremacy organization – is again ascendant.

  7. I think maybe a robot would be best for that job.

    And speaking of robots, these spokes-robots coming out to blabber BS about our pathetic debacle in Afghanistan are really embarrassing. Our nation is doomed.

  8. That’s not a bad idea, a robot.

    I’ve seen several administration comments this afternoon that qualify for the doom you speak of.

  9. I understand next week Jeopardy will announce another series of guest hosts to start after the reruns already scheduled. They’ve pretty much lost me as a viewer. I don’t care who ends up as permanent host. Of course, if it happens to be Buzzy, that’s a different story.

  10. I think this Cardi B person is quite popular and she would be perfect! The categories should be dumbed down and tailored to Democrat viewers, something like:

    Great Stimulus Disbursements of 2020
    Wet Ass Pussy Lyrics in the Romance Languages
    Highest Discrimination Lawsuit Judgements
    Mass Murderers Not as Bad as Trump
    Great Americans Who Never Worked a Day in Their Lives
    Marx or Lenin?

  11. You missed “Seven figure taxpayer payouts to families of ex-cons who resisted arrest”

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