Party Girl!

Against my better judgment, I RSVPd YES to the Carraway Summer Mixer tonight. Don’t hold your breath that I’ll be the last one to leave but what the hey, I’ll give the event enough time to get a free drink and free food! And sure, see if I can find Vinny.

I’d also like to find the jerks next to me who always always always let their front door BANG shut. The doors are heavy and if left to their own momentum, they bang closed. 😕

My phone and iPad went into emergency siren mode last night as the storm rolled through. Maybe 2am’ish? I turned on the tv and it too had emergency warnings of a tornado in Haverstraw. The storm has passed but it’s gloomy and dreary again today. The sun seems to be in permanent hiding.

Nothing else major to report yet. I’m slow out of the gate and need more caffeine. ☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️

6 thoughts on “Party Girl!

  1. Gloomy day for a birthday, but puppy Hopkins is keeping us laughing as he plays with an empty 3 liter Poland Spring bottle!

    1. Happy Birthday, Susie!
      Hopkins is adorable! White carpet and a puppy. You guys are true dog lovers. I get it.
      Cheers 🍾🕺

    2. We have this saying on guest bath hand towels. They speak the truth in our household. Woof woof.
      Happy birthday.

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