I Think I Should Have a Plan

This morning from my 3rd floor perch I could see black smoke and hear tons of sirens. I couldn’t distinguish the sirens between fire and police but I figured the smoke meant the fire department was on site.

Then a text from my son:

Mva with injuries i287 and westchester ave. Involving a Tractor trailer. Stay away.

Aha, that’s what I was seeing and hearing. Then it dawned on me that were something to happen here at the apartment, like a fire, I have not thought through what I’d run out of the apartment with and how I’d get out.

We brought things like passports with us, other important documents like Wills and directives too, our COVID shot cards, but honestly those things are haphazardly stashed in the apartment that it would take some thinking to grab and go.

Soooooo, without sounding like a paranoid freak, I decided to create an emergency bag. A duffle pre-stuffed with the important papers, a one night change of clothes, my extra pair of eyeglasses, and an extra phone charger.

Anything else is inconsequential. Insured. Unimportant.

At home we had a plan made easy because our master bedroom was on the ground floor. We knew we could get out easily, get in the car or get next door if we had to.

Here, it’s not anything that I thought through, until today. Silly? Maybe. Will anything happen? Very unlikely. But once a Girl Scout, always a Girl Scout. I’m being prepared.

Anyone else have an escape plan if there’s an emergency or am I the only crazy one in the room? Don’t answer that!! 🤪👵🏻🤪👵🏻

11 thoughts on “I Think I Should Have a Plan

  1. We have young children so we have a plan and we practice it. We have an in-house fire rated safe for documents and two handguns.

    1. Great. When we did a renovation in 2014 we looked into a safe for the house. Hidden under a closet eave or floorboard. I was shocked how expensive they were. I’m not positive but I think I remember they ran about $10k. We passed.

  2. I’ve always had an emergency bag. I have an almost magical way of imagining the absolute worst that can ever happen.
    And -here’s crazy for ya – when my husband is away I sleep downstairs on the couch. Close to two exits. Just don’t feel safe alone upstairs at night.
    I’ll go take my medication now 🤣

  3. Haven’t had one in years but when I lived in Japan I had a go bag by the door if the Big One hit and I survived long enough to get it before getting killed by the Tsunami.
    Never practiced as a kid (dad was a FF) because we had nothing to lose and could safely climb out the 2nd floor window and hang from the gutter before jumping (practiced from an early age just for fun).
    This is a good idea to at least collect irreplaceable/important stuff.

  4. I think an emergency bag is a good idea. I might include a flashlight, even though the Carrington probably has emergency lights in the halls & stairways, a flashlight might be a comfort. Also any required medicines. Can anyone else think of some other handy items?

    1. Flashlight is a good suggestion. I did bring one from home.

      My youngest lived and worked in NYC right out of college. Not around 9-11 but there were enough one-off attacks happening later I **required** her to have a serious quick departure backpack. Sneakers. Shelf stable pouch foods. Water. Flashlight. Clothing. Passport. First aid kit. Flare.
      She and her roommate/boyfriend objected at first, thought it was too much of a mom nerding thing, but grew to accept it as normal and now, a mom herself, finds mom nerding ideas aren’t so bad. 🥰🥰

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