And two yutes….

Here’s the third floor gang tonight, Vinny front and center. After I took this photo, the guys crowd-surfed me over to the bar where I grabbed another St. Pauli Girl and rocked to the tunes of The Grateful Dead. What a summer bash it was!!!

Actually, the evening was predictably tame. I went down to the lobby at 6 – the invitation said 5:30, so I was expecting lots of people there already. Not so, maybe 20. tops. Some were masked. I was not. Within a half hour though, the place got crowded. People mingled inside and outside, drinks and food inside but lots of people took their drink and went outside. I stayed in because it’s still very hot and muggy.

I met a handful of couples. Two doctors who just finished their residency in Atlanta, joining a Westchester practice. An older couple from Scarsdale who sold their home faster than they expected and moved here until they figured out where to move to. I met two Fitness instructors at the next door building LifeTime. All very amiable fun folk.

A few families with young children came but they tended to mingle together so the children could meet and play.

Thankfully no name tags but the downside was I couldn’t locate Vinny.

Overall a nice crowd. The DJ was revving up as I left. I hung out two hours total, just enough to see and be seen, grab free food and wine, and get back to my comfort zone.

I opted not to bring my phone, so sorry folks, no photos. Too cumbersome to carry it and a drink. No one else was taking photos either.

Bedtime!! 👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻👵🏻

9 thoughts on “And two yutes….

    1. About six or seven years ago, that Life Time fitness complex opened and my NYSC in Greenwich lost a good third of its members. I’ve been wondering if they’ve stayed open during Covid. Sadly my Stamford and Greenwich NYSC gyms fell into bankruptcy.

      1. I’ve never stepped foot in it. The apartment complex had a membership special for all new residents that expires on 8/31. From what I can gather they stayed afloat. The two fitness instructors from there with whom I grabbed at last night’s fête didn’t say a thing about Covid but then again I didn’t ask. From my apartment perch I can see lots of cars going into that road so it must be busy. Like movie theaters, gyms were probably really hit hard during the lockdowns. You hate to see businesses go under.

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