Color Me Jaded

I’ve seen dozens upon dozens of liberals across the Internet tag, link to, and plead to give to this fund. It’s up over $5million now!!

We are coming to you in desperation to conduct an emergency flight rescue of 300+ Afghan souls. I have been working alongside humanitarian aid groups, decorated military veterans, and activists on the ground in Kabul, fighting to save people who otherwise have no chance at survival in the Taliban-occupied Kabul.

The individuals in question are high-value targets – Afghan men and women who have worked as human rights lawyers, champions of Women’s and LGBTQ rights, journalists, government liaisons, artists, and interpreters – all of whom are at imminent risk of being executed by the Taliban, along with their families. We will be taking full family units.

If these people do not get rescued as soon as possible, neither they nor their family will make it through the month. The Taliban have a KILL LIST and are going door to door, searching for these people and reportedly killing them on sight if found. Every one of these individuals on the manifest have been vetted.

Due to the rapidly deteriorating situation in Kabul, this rescue mission will only be possible if $550,000 is raised to fuel 2 airplanes to fly into Kabul from a foreign country. If we raise twice the amount ($1,100,000), we’ll do another run. There are enough people in need to make many round-trips with our two airplanes. We will continue multiplying as goals are met.

With help from people on the ground in Kabul, and the newfound security of the airport due to increased US presence — we have arranged for a safe onboarding process. All of the people who will be boarding the planes have been extensively vetted.

First and foremost, the fund makes no mention of getting AMERICANS out. This to me is shocking. Americans and plenty of our allies have people stuck in Afghanistan but liberals want to get the Afghans out first???

Secondly, if our troops and/or our methods of getting Americans out safe is not yet guaranteed, how on earth does this group plan to land planes in Kabul to gather Afghan residents and then depart without fear of the Taliban????

More from the GoFundMe

We are currently working with Non-profits, NGOs, people on the ground in Kabul, and more to consolidate more manifests for the new flights we are now able to run. We are making sure everyone we know is accounted for and have proper names, identifications, and access to the airport. We are working with multiple groups to make sure those folks are vetted and sponsored. 

THE FLIGHTS: The flights are on standby and waiting to head out. Former Special Operations Team members are overseeing this being led by Raven Advisory, LLC – which is a multi-dimensional integrator for risk management, security, training, and humanitarian efforts. We will be running flights until they tell us we can’t anymore. 

WHERE WILL THE PLANES LAND? We are collaborating with several humanitarian organizations and countries. We are trying to keep this confidential for security reasons for now. If you have someone that might be able to help with flights we haven’t accounted for yet, please let us know.

WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM AFTER? We are working on a plan for each of these people. Most have a sponsor. The immediate need is raising the money and getting them on a plane and on to solid ground. After we are working with volunteers and refugee groups on what to do with the people once they are out of harm’s way.

THE MONEY: What happens to the money I donate? We want to be clear: EVERY SINGLE NICKEL of everything raised will go to either pay for flights, or support these humans through various non-profits – such as The International Women’s Media Organization (IWMF).

Keep in mind some will be flying with only the clothes on their back, so every dollar will be used for them.

Important note: EVERYONE VOLUNTEERING ON THIS PROJECT IS DOING SO FOR FREE. EVERY DOLLAR GOES BACK TO THESE AFGHAN REFUGEES. WE ARE NOT TAKING A PENNY. I think this is important to emphasize as we sadly live in a world where we have to worry about these things.

This is a grassroots humanitarian effort coming together to help people who desperately need our help. 

On behalf of everyone involved, I want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart. More updates to come

My eyes are rolling so far back in my head it hurts. Maybe, maybe, if all the Americans were out safe, then then and only then might this fundraiser make sense.

Note they have no real plan where these flighted souls will go once out of Afghanistan.

And worst, they say the Afghans have been vetted. By whom? What’s the criteria?

Sorry but I’m saving my money for the Tunnels to Tower Foundation.

Would you give to the GoFundMe? No judgment zone. If yes, please feel free to say so.

29 thoughts on “Color Me Jaded

  1. I’ve had at least four Facebook friends send a link to this. I had the same reaction as you, like WTF, and when I said so yo my Facebook group, I got the cold shoulder silent treatment.

    It’s wrong on every level.

  2. Go Fund Me can go fu ….
    Anyway, just saw Hiden “speak” and no questions, no mention of Afghanistan (Fox came in late so maybe at the beginning?), just the booster shot, so problem solved, crisis averted, back to what flavor ice cream.
    Reminds me of slick Willy launching cruise missiles to stop the focus on Monica.

    1. I missed Biden speaking. When I turned on the Five it must have been over. They did show a clip of Biden being interviewed by Stephanopolous. Is that one in the same speech?

      1. No, he just did a tele read taking shots at govs who won’t listen and a need for boosters.
        The Steph interview must have been earlier. At this one, Hiden took no questions and bolted from the podium like his Depends depended on it.
        The spin is on though, after his little speech I watched Tapper go into a break say “the President also just discussed the chaos in Afghanistan.” Total BS, but the spin will be that he’s responding to all challenges (with a script of course).
        Hell, at this rate I expect them to fake the Q&As.

        1. Thanks for the clarification. Geraldo made mention of an awful speech by Joe talking about COVID boosters but I didn’t know what he was referring to.
          The snippet The Five showed of the Stephanopolous interview George was in line like Tapper. 🙄

  3. I give money to St. Jude and that’s it. Me thinks the money raised by these clowns will be spent on some silly stuff.

    I was thinking about doing a Go-Fund-Me to buy 10,000 air mattresses so when people fall off the Air Force cargo planes they might land on them. I bet I could get some serious cash from idiots.

      1. Did you hear that man, Biden, tell Stephanopolous the men falling off the plane was like 4 or 5 days ago?? What the actual phuck did he mean?

        1. Please tell me why Kamala is flying to Singapore and Vietnam? I know the pretext, what the WH says is the reason, but what do you think the real is? I’ve read a couple of stories where Kamala and Joe are at odds about the Afghan withdrawal. But I think it runs deeper. Thoughts?

        1. Aha. Thanks. I thought I heard such dirt although I’ve never heard of the linked website, Human Events.

    1. The link showed up rather than the tweet itself. I can’t right now but later I’ll go in and see if I can edit it.
      FYI: I do try and fix readers typos. Irony: I often don’t see my own mistakes. 🥸

  4. Color me jaded too, but this has all the hallmarks of a touch feelie way to scam Americans lacking in critical thought skills who get all their news from MSM which tells them what to think and what to do.

    Like, how do you know where your donated money goes and what it is spent on? What is the accountability? Is this more transparent than the faxed offer I got today to share in a $12 million insurance policy payout (which has to be disbursed before such and such date or it is lost) all for the modest fee to me of $120k?

    I think the first person they should track down to contribute is ex-Afghan president Asraf Ghani, who surfaced in the UAE with $129 million of US supplied cash. The second person they should track down is former Afghan president Hamid Karazi who is so stupid that he stayed in Afghanistan and is talking to the Taliban, even though he and his brother the drug lord probably stole more US money than this.

    1. Exactly my concerns about the GoFundMe. The people pushing it are the same ones who have BLM signs in their yard and Hate Has No Home here signs too.

      I had my nose in a book most of today so I did not hear that Ghani resurfaced and with all that cash. So many questions. Why would the US have supplied so much CASH? How does one store all that cash? Then how does one transport all that cash?

        1. Incredible. Just incredible.

          Again, I ask, why did the US government park $129m in cash with Ghani??

  5. The entire Hiden administration is as ignorant as he is. The joint presser today with Milley and Austin made my head explode.

        1. Is there any government agency that has an ounce of credibility? IMHO, no. The military seems to be at the bottom rung. Holy cow.

        2. I read this in reverse order and confess to thinking EOS’s comment was exaggerated for hyperbole. But it would appear it is right on the mark. Planes being stolen in supposed peacetime by the enemy. Whatsapp, a facebook product, in full use by the Taliban to coordinate their misdoings. Yet the facebook censors have their noses so deep into watching for correct pronoun usage, comments about 2020 and slavish adherence to ‘The Science’ of the day that they can’t be bothered to stop rapes, murders, and the possible deaths of 13,000 fellow Americans. Something is really wrong with the USA at this moment.

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