Yes, The Corn Was **THAT** Good!

On my way back from Bedford I hopped off 684 at the airport exit then zigzagged over to Augustines Farm stand, AGAIN. This time with the sole intention of going to Augustines!! Imagine that! 🤗

Not as busy as my weekend stop but two women in front of me, each buying quite a lot, and corn too.

Four ears please. Thank you. That’ll be $3.00.

All together now, I had to buy these because…….

The sky has been gloomy and the weather dreary but the forecasters who’ve been telling me since dawn it’s going to rain in 12 minutes have been all wet. Not a drop has fallen.

Muggy though. Bring autumn on!

13 thoughts on “Yes, The Corn Was **THAT** Good!

  1. Don’t know why you had to buy them, but I have to share this since you did.
    Growing up we were a serious summer corn eating family and the corn was always presented with those holders. I didn’t know you could eat corn without them.
    Well my dad was particularly enthusiastic in attacking it, so much so that one time he actually bent the ear and out came a sharp holder, stabbing him hard in the cheek. Bloody mess, but the funny part was his accusing my mom of strategically poking it into the corn in such a way that she was clearly trying to kill him.
    So maybe you bought them cuz you’re trying to kill your husband 🤣

  2. Those holders make it much easier to grab every last kernel, which is devoutly to be wished while eating Augustine’s corn.

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