There Doesn’t Seem To Be a Consensus

For every person who feels strongly that the Afghan residents who helped the US and our Allies keep the Taliban at bay should be given refugee status in America, five seem to think it’s a horrible idea.

I don’t know if Trump’s plan called for bringing Afghans here as part of his withdrawal, but now that the country is in chaos and the friendly are left abandoned, it seems the only Christian thing to do is bring them here.

I’ve read some are on their way to a couple of military bases. Fort Bragg and Fort McCoy.

In the day of the Vietnamese refugees, it was churches and charitable organizations who sponsored the fleeing Vietnamese. Families took in the boat people.

Is there a downside to bringing Afghans here? If you think so, let me know. No judgment zone, just curious to hear both sides of the coin.

Word on the street one mean hombré has to stay behind. He’s in the No Fly List!

But good news, the takeover by the Taliban has left Harry and Meghan speechless. One can only hope this is true!!

16 thoughts on “There Doesn’t Seem To Be a Consensus

  1. I’d rather take Afghan refugees that are loyal to America than illegals at the Mexican border. And according to Rob Astorino, illegals are being flown in from the border into Westchester Airport under the cloak of night.

    1. Agree and I have no doubt Westchester is a target area for **more** illegals. Pretty soon Mount Kisco will be 100% Hispanic illegal. As it is now, the elementary school is close to 80% native Spanish speaking. Port Chester. Brewster. Peekskill. All recipients of the border crossers.

  2. Here’s my problem (forget for a moment that the job was to kill Bin Laden, which W f*cked up on purpose so we could spend 2 decades blowing cash and blood all over this Sh*thole area), these guys who helped the military did so with the idea that “if I help, you’ll get us out, right?” Think about that, the boot on the ground is risking his life to save the country and the guy who’s helping him doesn’t want anything to do with the place. Sounds perfect, come on over and hate America too.
    Another thought, vetting and handling these refugees would be a hell of a lot easier if we weren’t being invaded from the south. Oh, and we can definitely expect more Haitians too.
    I think we’re nearing the end for Hiden. Willy’s Girl wouldn’t even stand next to him, no other country’s leader has heard from him. This weird stay at Camp David. He’s being treated for something.
    As for the body guard’s kid and his ho, a more permanent silence would be best. But hey, maybe they’ll open their home to some refugees.

    1. Joe wouldn’t allow a single Cuban in if you remember correctly.
      I truly believe you are right – that Biden is toast. That’s why we’re not seeing Kamala either. She’s being groomed for the job ( um, bad choice of words??)

      1. Kamala is self-grooming if her stint in SF is any guide. Sort of like a cat. Make of that analogy what you will.

        1. The entire cast of The Five is convinced something big is happening because both Biden and Harris are hiding. Even Kamala supporter/admirer Geraldo feels something is rotten.

        2. I need to watch more of the Five as I had not realized Geraldo was a fan of Kamala’s. As the world turns…

        3. He loves Biden too. Geraldo is a mixed bag of politics. He adored Trump for a long time but turned on Trump for what Geraldo called bad immigration policies. Geraldo is also extraordinarily opinionated on people who aren’t vaccinated. He calls them criminals.

  3. One other thing, we were warned by libs/commies that this is the type of thing that would happen if a real estate developer was POTUS instead of the “Avengers” of foreign policy expertise.
    I hope this pushes every American who has wanted to run for office to get out and do it. Libs like Bill Maher want the ruling class to be limited to those who are supposedly trained. Hiden Biden and his ilk are proof that the average guy off the street with good common sense could do so much better than these as%*oles.

  4. Great post. I hadn’t seen the Trump post. I did see the H+M news and while I am not rooting for violence in Afghanistan, it sure is nice to see at least one good thing good came of it. Let’s hope the speechlessness lasts for these two privacy-seekers. I would imagine those refugees are, in fact, quite ready, willing and able to become good Americans. Unlike the 200k/month southern entrants coming to a polling booth near you in 2022.

  5. I’m seeing lots of liberal social media types encouraging people to make donations to several GoFundMe sites to get Afghans out if the country. Someone is going to get rich and no Afghan will leave because of the donations. Who do they think will get the money? Nice people? 🤪

    1. The Points Guy is doing this too. Not a GoFundMe but something I think he calls Miles4Migrants. You can donate points or miles. But I had the same thought. Who is going to get this money to the hood guys? It’s like all the money the Clinton Foundation gave to Haiti. Who got rich! Not the impoverished citizens.

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