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I am a huge fan of Maria’s and watched every day from 6am to maybe 7:15. Almost all of 2020, even up to the 2020 election, Maria reported almost daily that she had it on good authority that the Durham Report was coming out any day. I believed her. I was sure she had good intel and the report was indeed coming out any day.

So much for that. After the election I didn’t watch any 📺 except maybe for reruns of Columbo. 👵🏻👵🏻😂

I’m very slowly watching tv again. I’m back to watching The Five most days. Always record Gutfeld! And still catch reruns of Columbo. 😂👵🏻

Maria has had a couple of good interviews with Trump so I’ll tune in tomorrow. Maybe she’ll ask him about the Durham Report!?

31 thoughts on “I’m In

    1. I’m not really a fan of Hannity but thanks for the heads up. It is interesting Trump is being interviewed twice in 12 hours.

  1. Before I die I’d like to know what’s in the Durham report. What the hell happened to it? Did Nancy Pelosi rip it up? Did Durham get told to take a hike? Something happened to make it disappear.

    1. You and me both. Agree something happened that it never got published. Millions of dollars for squat.

      1. I think Hillary’s dog ate it.

        Also, regarding the NYC passport – I love how you also need a government photo ID – but not to vote – anyway…you need one to do anything and everything. If I had one, and I don’t, I would not visit New York City. It’s just too much a pain in the ass.

        Pot Head Bill seems committed to destroying the Big Apple. It’s very sad.

        1. Poor NYC. If the restaurant industry didn’t have it bad enough, DeBlasio’s new proof of vaccine to eat indoors rule is about as discriminatory a rule as I’ve ever witnessed. Think of the image as white people are eating indoors. The blacks, with only a 30%+/- vaccination rate, aren’t allowed in.
          Gee, what could go wrong?

        1. I’m now so jaded that my only response about Durham and possible indictments is “wake me when it happens”. I’ve held my breath so many times SURE SURE SURE indictments were being handed down that I burned out. But good link and I love the word Eephus. Thanks.

        1. Patience is a virtue. I am not terribly virtuous and thusly have very little patience. But…..
          I don’t ask for much in life but I would love to see slimeball Brennan get taken down. I know I know, it ring happen, but of all the evilness out there, Brennan has the most.

  2. Columbo! I recently bought the entire series 1968-2003 DVD, replacing the 1968-1978 DVD collection I already had (one disc of which mysteriously disappeared).

    Any favourite episodes? There are many for me. Make me a perfect murder, Try and Catch me, Etude in Black, Blueprint for Murder. I could go on and on.

    1. Wow. One can buy the whole series?? It’s on every Saturday at 6pm. Ask me if I have a social life!
      I’ll have to think about my favorites. I really only like the early seasons. I’ve seen a few of season 10 that are tedious.

      1. And I did just buy the whole series. Because when I was at Kings yesterday I was the only person without a mask. I see Colombo binge watching in the future. And can I suggest Hart to Hart? Really cheesy, but fun. Hopkins gives side eye.

        1. Shoprite has a new sign suggesting everyone mask up. I did not and was, like you at Kings, one of the only ones who chose not to sport a mask. 🙄

        2. This is excellent news! With three Columbo-philes on this blog, you will have to share with us any impressions from your new acquisition. As EOS commented, the earliest episodes are the place to start, though there are some very good ones throughout the ’70s.

          P.S. Anonymous was a mistake on my part on the form below.

        3. Unless you have a hankering for a trip to Sri Lanka, it’s Columbo!

          And I forgot to thank Susie for her recommendation on Hart-to-Hart – have added to my watch list. More malaise era TV for me!

        1. The two tv shows I’d like on DVD are Eight Is Enough and Thirty Something. Neither is.
          Don’t laugh but I own the entire series of That Girl and Father Knows Best. The very first episode of That Girl is hysterical. Later seasons got predictable with some forced feminism added.
          Father Knows Best never gets old to watch over and over.

        2. Spell check switched to Colombo. Hart to Hart is fun! The acting won’t win you over, but guilty pleasure. Also enjoy Frasier.

  3. I went to vote yesterday (for Fazio, winner!) and the old man in front of me also wasn’t wearing a mask. The voting person said in a very vexing manner, “Sir, do you want a mask?” He replied, “is it required? I’m fully vaccinated.”, she: “”it’s highly recommended”, in her most authoritative voice. He: “No thanks”. He and I struck up a good conversation once outside.

    1. Great story! And also good news that Fazio won. In my loop’de’looping of Greenwich the last couple of days I’d say the Fazio signs were heaviest mid and back country. Two to three times more of his signs than he opponent. Only noticeable difference was the closer I got to center Greenwich, the more Alexis signs I saw. Is it fair to say mid and back country are more red?

  4. Hmmm. I see more red signs in Cos Cob, usually locals (with the exception of Cognewaugh, which inexplicably seems all blue). I guess back country can go either way.

    1. Yesterday I was looking at the NYT’s free ‘extremely detailed election map’. I find it fun to look at specific voting precincts’ change from 2016.

      Greenwich seems to be one gigantic precinct (though the results continue to be updated), but Westchester shows some swings to red when using the ‘change from 2016′ toggle, including along the Greenwich border in both Bedford and Port Chester. Even the Clintons’ district in Chappaqua was marginally more Trump in 2020 than in 2016.

      For more optimism, have a look at Los Angeles County in California. You can see areas that voted blue overall in 2020, but when compared with 2016, swung deep red, with 20%+ jumps in R support versus 4 years earlier. And they are not in places you’d expect: they include Beverly Hills and South LA. Since the is free (and possibly even accurate), I enjoy browsing from time to time.


    1. That was an excellent map, despite being created by the NYT. Back in the 2016 elections it was the NYT that had the most accurate real time election results. It was such a joy to watch the NYT have to see the Trumpmentum and Hillary’s loss.

      As for Westchester, it’s still a mixed bag. Bedford proper has gotten far far more blue. The progressive greenies have taken over this once purple town. The Dems I knew back 30 years ago were moderate. The Rs were also fairly moderate. 2016 brought out the crazy left.

      1. Good report. You are witnessing a lot of historical change during this century. Let’s hope some change for the better is afoot in 2022 and 2024.

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