E.V. Come Home!

The Carraway has gone all out, IMHO, for electric vehicles. At least I’m impressed.

A bank of five EV chargers, one in use when I drove by for photos.

These chargers are just one of three stations the complex intends to supply.

I’m curious – do charging rates vary depending on location and/or provider, or is it more like what the market will bear? I’d love to hear you EV owners chime in.

Meanwhile, we gasoline powered hogs pay through the nose. Thanks Joe. I didn’t even opt for premium gas which my car tells me it needs. I opt for middle grade and did so with my Audi’s as well.

9 thoughts on “E.V. Come Home!

  1. I’m printing stickers which could be placed on gas pumps to remind people who is truly responsible for the mess we’re in although I do not condone such activity because it would be illegal.

  2. With midgrade, the BMW engine will eventually start knocking which is an unpleasant noise. Sort of like getting a kidney stone if too much fats and not enough water. Lots of gunk in gasoline that. And let’s face it, what better way to piss off the left than to have even more refined petrochemicals in use in your tank?

    1. I’m sure you’re right but I’ve owned two other X5s that I only fed mid grade and they both lived to pass on to other owners. I’d buy one grade up if I could find 91, but so few brands carry four grades and no one around me.

  3. Begging your pardon, but your extensive renovation project and planned 117-day cruise mark you as a woman of considerable means, yet you seem very sensitive about gas prices. To me, it don’t add up.

    1. The wealthiest people I know, and I don’t count myself anywhere near that category, watch every penny they spend. They may have three houses but shop at Costco and shop clothing sales. They don’t spend money for the fun if it. We all have priorities in how we spend what we have. I don’t choose to spend more than I have to on gasoline and that’s also why I grocery shopped at Shoprite today and not Wegman’s again. Okay?

      1. Thank you. I appreciate the edifying answer. And somehow, I showed up as Anonymous on my post; I hope I come through this time.

      2. I don’t begrudge complaints about gas prices by anyone, but the richest people I know (new and old money alike) definitely do not shop at Costco. Most of them don’t do daily shopping, period. Nor do they even pay their own bills. There’s people for that! They might shop clothing sales but it’s at Neiman’s, and a $10,000 coat is still $6,000 at 40% off. (I know someone whose furs are insured for $14m.) These are people who are in the hundreds of millions or billions on a family level, though.

        There is definitely the stereotype of the (bond) coupon-clipping WASP who lives in a big mansion but drives an old Benz and buys dented cans at Stop & Shop but those people are almost universally no longer rich. Very, very few were able to maintain money for multiple generations, often due to the substance abuse that tended to run in those families. Also, their money was never really enough to compete with today’s ubercapitalists.

        1. You and I know very different ultra wealthy people. The ones I know not only pay their own bills, they know down to the penny how much money they have. They love Target and Costco. They do their own shopping. Your rich friends are missing out if they let people do everything.

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