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The Grey Goose eggs were delicious. The Versailles honey sublime. I’d forgotten how delicate shells are on fresh eggs. The first egg I cracked into the pan, the shell opened before I was ready – consequently I had to dump that egg out because the pan was full of egg shell. Round two proved successful.

Last night’s sunset!! Wow.

I’m trying to add a WordPress plug-in that allows you to add photos and files to your comments. So far no luck even though I’ve installed the feature. It’s always something.

And we can’t start the week without some commentary on the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban.

Nancy Pelosi issued a comment commending Biden’s policy 🤷🏻‍♀️😵‍💫 and Biden himself blamed Trump. Of course, because Dems stick together. Pelosi’s full statement insisted women are at the table during any negotiations because for sure the Taliban will take heed to Nancy’s demands and, without a doubt the Taliban care about women at the table. The deaf ears.

Our *resident is planning on speaking to the nation, when he gets around to it!

Shockingly the mainstream media is even questioning the Biden intel team.

Chuck Todd and Jake Tapper both grilled their tv show guests. The default answer, naturally, Orange Man Bad.

Here are random screenshots….

Have a good Monday. I’m headed to Bedford for some errands and to meet up with some friends.

17 thoughts on “Monday Monday

  1. Re Afghanistan, I worry we’ll have a hostage situation. The footage of people desperate to leave the airport was gut wrenching on every human level. It’s a dereliction of duty if Biden’s intel knew Kabul could fall so fast but didn’t inform citizens to get out before the takeover.

    The impeachment papers would already be drafted had this happened with Trump in power.

    The libs I know are telling me now is not the time to lay blame on this crisis. I disagree.

  2. It’s fairly common for hens to lay eggs with thin shells when there’s been a long span of high temps. Not sure the science behind it but I know it happens.

    My liberal friends are in denial about Biden’s policy failures so they are busy playing up the #SaveAfghaniWomen angle.

    1. Yeah, the girls and women story is being so overplayed I’m afraid there’s another huge blunder on the way.
      Maybe hook them all up with the southern border illegals?

      1. Even people who don’t necessarily talk politics in their social media are all in on the Save women and girls mantra. Who wants to tell them the Taliban is a terrorist group?

        I just read that Biden is speaking tonight. I guess his “in a couple of days” shit didn’t fly.
        What’s the over under on blaming Trump?

        1. Tonight? Ha! He ain’t gettin past sundown.
          I’m not familiar with treatments for cognitive ailments but Joe Hiden is right in the middle of one (supposed to end Wednesday) and will be wheeled on stage long enough to mumble something about Trump, God save the troops and the Towelban better listen to him or else he’s gonna put em in a timeout.

  3. “Have a good Monday” sounds positiviely sarcastic coming as it does after that dog pile of abject political failure.

  4. The graphic that disturbed me the most was back in February when the Biden administration told the US Embassies worldwide to fly the Pride flag, including Kabul. It was at that moment the Taliban saw their opening and never looked back. The priority Biden’s team has put on gender wokeness sent a clear message that the US doesn’t care about foreign policy.

    God help us all if we are hit with another terror attack.

    1. So well said. I actually had intended to put that graphic in the post, the one with the pride flag, but it wouldn’t load properly so I nixed it. Indeed the moment when all our enemies saw our weakness.

    2. Next June is gonna be hell:

      1. When you lose CNN… Blinken should be forced to resign but who would ask him to step down? No one.

        Tolleybon is the preferred Jamaican pronunciation!

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