I Watched. Did You?


Found this comment on Instapundit thread about the speech and it rang true for me.

What that tells me is that the Afghan Army was totally capable of holding the Taliban in check, as long as they knew that there were American forces and advisors on hand to provide direction and keep an eye of their own senior commanders. Even reduced American forces were sufficient for this.
That was the template that Donald Trump set up, and it was working.

Then came Joe.

26 thoughts on “I Watched. Did You?

  1. Weak message while trying to sound strong. He never addressed how his intel could be so wrong. Instead he blamed other presidents.

    Jack Keane is on Fox now saying how important is was for the US to keep the status quo. Keeping the Taliban at bay means keeping the USA safe. It’s that simple. Biden doesn’t get it.

    1. Agree with your assessment. Biden didn’t address HOW the situation escalated so quickly. He basically said “shit happens and the Afghan government is weak”.

    2. The status quo is the equivalent of stability in the region, the ability of Afghan women to become successful and not teenage wives of terrorists. Keeping our people in Afghanistan was tantamount in keeping America safe. Biden threw all that out the window.

      BTW, did you see how fast he ran away from the podium? He’s already back on the helicopter to Camp David.

  2. 100% rings true.

    Instapundit also says 15K watched via streaming – so kudos to you for being part of that exclusive club (assuming you were unable to watch via Cable TV).

      1. So I did. Was that a separate post (it must have been. given the saga). Great to see the blog so active such big news was buried under the lede, as they used to say (or maybe that analogy is not quite right? Please correct me if not!). Is it a separate post and where is it? I want to read the final instalment.

  3. The sickening truth is that Biden says his foreign policy is all about human rights but by letting the Taliban take over he’s sent woman to their deaths. Maybe he should change his foreign policy strategy to defeating our enemies rather than the feel good empty words that he’s copying from the Obama era.

    The man must be impeached.

    1. Wonder? I have no doubt Hunter’s “business partners” have had meetings and gotten paid influence w/ PapaDoc.

    2. Or maybe he’s just taking cues from Michelle’s #BringBack Our Girls back campaign and going the route of shallow virtue signalling? (and note how that hastag is not clear – is it “#BringBack” Our Girls? Or is it “#BringBackOurGirls”? I suppose it is too much to ask for a slogan that does itself sow confusion).

      1. Even Jessica Tarlov, the most recent liberal to sit at The Five, tonight admitted Biden didn’t think out anything related to the women left behind under the Taliban.

        1. To say nothing of the gays and ‘accused’ criminals. The price of quarry stone is likely to rise…

    1. Biden threw the Afghans under the bus tonight. He gave them no credit. No high fives. Basically told the nation the Afghans were worthless at helping to keep their country stable.
      I was on the phone when the State Department was taking questions and an Afghan female reporter asked where her president was. I missed what transpired after the question.

    1. Not sure what that was – the Chinese version of Benny Hill? Real?
      I’ve seen several clips by W in the last two days. His comments go right though me, he and Laura in the “too bad for the women” camp rather than saying Biden and his team destroyed any opportunity Afghani residents had for a semi normalized future.

      1. I blame Bush for getting us stuck in both Iraq and Afghanistan after 9/11. Making a glass parking lot of Pakistan would have been the more direct approach.

        1. There’s so much blame to go around. Presidents. Military. Pentagon. I’m worried for the future now. One of my kids has to be in NYC on assignment for the first two weeks of September. I get moments of fear in my stomach as 9-11 rolls around.

  4. The news isn’t all bad:

  5. I got two seconds of someone saying “we want to,” then it stopped. What did I do wrong? Sorry!!!

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