By Jove, I Think She Got It!

The video I found online of how to allow attachments in WP comments listed a plug-in that was discontinued in 2019 but I found another one in the WP plug-ins page, called DCO Comment Attachment. It took some doing, tweaking the settings, but I kept at it. Hope this makes the comments section more fun for you all. Susie, that means photos of Hopkins!!

Looks like I got the plug-in to work. Who’s going to try it first? Remember, comments are moderated so no trying to get your PornHub dates posted here.

I’ve allowed for lots of types of photos and also lots of documents, pdf etc, and links to social media should now show.

Let the photos begin!


15 thoughts on “By Jove, I Think She Got It!

  1. Activated charcoal yesterday.
    Activated comments today.
    See how that works?

  2. Coincidently, at this very moment, I am staring at the jar of activated charcoal wondering if I should try it.

  3. Sheeet, if I was that handsome that pic would be the only thing in all my posts.

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