Such a simple pleasure. Open windows.

Today is the first day in ages that the morning temp and humidity is low enough to let some actual fresh air through the apartment. The AC recycled air was stifling.

I do get a decent breeze wafting through, not fine ocean breezes, but even 287 road noise breezes are better than closed windows.

The view, such as it is of an empty lot that I suspect will one day be another big building, means I can throw open the five windows in this place, three in the living room, two in the master bedroom, with abandon!!

I expect to finish the Splendid and The Vile today. Yesterday, feeling pent up inside, I took my iPad and went outside around what’s to be the pool. Lots of other people with the same idea but the heat was oppressive and most residents, myself included, gave up the ghost after a half hour or so.

I watched some of the Giants game last night. One of my kids and his family went to the practice game earlier this week and said the stadium was raucously joyful. Fans are hopeful. New coach. Some new recruits. Alas, not enough to stave off the Jets last night! 🙃

Happy Sunday. I hope this gets you outside to enjoy the fresh air.

UPDATE: The downside to all windows open? I smell what everyone is cooking for breakfast. I think my closest neighbors are having a Denver omelette, lots of onion and pepper aroma wafting in to my apartment! 🙄

6 thoughts on “Aaah…..

    1. Yes and no. It’s noticeable but it’s starting to become white noise. I couldn’t sleep for the first several days here. The vehicle noise is constant however. 24/7 kind of constant. The road is flat enough that’s there’s no brake jaking thankfully.

      1. Puppy Hopkins and I were just’s truly a glorious morning. If you feel like a drive to Versailles Farm, they are advertising an abundance of Jersey tomatoes.

        1. Oooh. I may just do that. Thanks.

          PS: How old is the puppy Hopkins now? Fully house trained? Is he a crate puppy at night? Good on the leash?

  1. He just turned 6 months. Fully house-trained. A friend gave us an enormous crate, but we’ve only used it a handful of times. People swear by crates, but as Hopkins has free run of the house, he doesn’t favor a cage. When we do leave him in it, we have a camera fixed on him (we took it from the front door). At night, he’s either in our bed or Perkins’ old bed in the corner of the bedroom. I have him off-leash in the woods, but on-leash,he still pulls. He’s over sixty pounds now, so that’s something to work on! Rotator cuff surgery to be scheduled soon. 🤗

  2. For some strange reason our summer has been much cooler than yours. We’ve only reached ninety a handful of times. But here’s the difference. There is no way – no way – we’ll get the glorious weather you’re having today until at least the end of October. And you have sweaters to look forward to in a couple of weeks! Breathe deeply and enjoy the coolishness!

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