General Milley Should Resign and Be Stripped of his Rank – Updated

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“America’s suffering one of its worst foreign policy defeats in history and definitely worst in the lifetime of millennials and on down….and all we get from the White House is a tweet of Joe pretending to take notes at Camp David on a video call.”

The WH Tweet says the Veep was in on this call. From where? She’s unlikely at Camp David with Jill.

Let’s go back in time…

May 6th, the man who wants his military to accept his apology for being white, tells the nation our objective. What a joke.

Everything Biden’s team has told us is a lie. Biden promising back in July leaving Afghanistan would be a piece of cake isn’t now an impeachable event?

Every American should be aghast. Where are the protestors marching at the White House demanding answers?

What a mess.

[Additional photos…they speak for themselves.]

23 thoughts on “General Milley Should Resign and Be Stripped of his Rank – Updated

  1. I realize the game of “imagine had Trump had this defeat on his hands” is useless but imagine had Trump had this loss on his hands. The left would be calling for his immediate removal from office. They would be Blood on his hands protest banners. Biden gets velvet gloves.

    Who are you quoting in the first paragraph?

        1. Wendy, 11 year old girls don’t (usually) have boobs. More like a headful of fragrant female hair.

  2. The embassy was told to take town and destroy the US flags so the Taliban couldn’t use them in their victory dance.
    My bet is the taking of Kabul will be complete by Monday. Americans will be evacuated out. Sensitive material will be left behind and give the Taliban insider info.

  3. I served in the Navy for 27 years. Retired in 2016. The last real military leaders were in the 1990s.

    1. I hadn’t seen that long a clip before. What’s more frightening than Biden’s assessment is that he only gets his intel from our military. If our military is THAT wrong, god help us all if we have to enter a true war.

  4. Isn’t that Kamalala ding dong front & center in the video display? She could be anywhere, Batty’s house on Martha’s Vineyard getting her marching orders?

    1. I guess I have to look closer. I didn’t spy her with my little eyes. Hang on. I’ll look again.

      Update: You mean the woman under the tag Naval Observatory? I guess that could be Kamala and that is the official name of the Veep house. Sure didn’t look like her to me at first glance. Thanks for the heads up.

  5. There is a lot of truth in this piece and it also echoes feedback from my son who served two tours in Afghanistan as a marine around this same time. We were glad he came back undamaged from this fool’s errand of a war. Oh, and every time a veteran or family member of a veteran hears non-veterans say ‘what is the use of having an expensive military if we can’t use it?’ we all cringe.

  6. There is also the fact that Suhail Shaneen, the spokesman for the Taliban, and probably for what is soon to be known as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, has a Twitter account, while Donald Trump, ex-POTUS of the USA is denied one. Think about that…..

    1. Love or hate Trump, Big Tech silencing him was a yuuuge crime that the media was all for because they wanted to silence him.

    2. Give twitter a break. Zero moral equivalency between calling for / carrying out the deaths by stoning of Jews, gays, women and accused criminals as compared with having an opinion that doesn’t match Leftist American orthodoxy.

  7. Look on the bright side, more refugees to vote for the Uniparty.
    I swear this is all part of the plan to drive the sane out of ever volunteering for military service again, leaving it full of completely woke assholes and the US utterly defenseless.
    On top of that, when the woke leave the service they will then spread the infection throughout the civil service (and we get to pay for their GI bennies too).

  8. Just waiting for the Taliban to walk across our southern borders as the newest migrants..
    they won’t even have to sneak.. or shave..

    1. I’m sure it’s already happened but with Kamala now on the job as border tsar, if any more Taliban enter the USA, she and her team of crack agents will send them home. Right?

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