Now What?

If the Taliban has been re-emboldened, which it seemingly has, according to both Fox and the NYT, what will the terrorist group do next under the weak Biden administration?

NBC News reports that the Taliban has taken not only Kandahar this morning but also Herat. 

I do think some of the problem of the US involvement in Afghanistan goes back to the GW Bush days, a man I voted for twice before I realized he was a member of the Uniparty. I’m a slow learner.

I know many people feel let Afghanistan deal with the Taliban without any US troops or administrative people involved, the we can’t be the world’s peace savior forever point of view. I happen to think we can and should help save parts of the world that can’t otherwise save themselves. If the small number of troops we kept in Afghanistan was enough to keep the Taliban at bay, then what harm is it for them to stay?

What’s the point of US military strength if we don’t use our powers to protect?

Afghanistan is a topic that brings about lots of points of view. I don’t honestly know what’s right, other than my gut feeling that the Taliban retaking cities is not a good thing.

Where do you stand?

It’s Friday. Another horribly hot day and I’ll get myself to Bedford at some point, but otherwise not much on my agenda. Have a good one.

13 thoughts on “Now What?

  1. I used to have great admiration for our military. My father served proudly in WWII while I was overjoyed with a high draft number to avoid Vietnam. Under Biden the military seems to be a bunch of pantywaists, more concerned about gender assignment surgery and the proper pronouns than getting down and dirty and bombing the hell out of the Taliban.

    If I had any faith in the current US military I’d say stay and fight like men. My brother thinks the twenty years we’ve been in Afghanistan has been grift for the military and wants us out completely.

    1. My father served in Vietnam and lost many of his buddies in the Tet offensive. He’s still alive today and is furious that the Taliban was easily able to plan and execute the current offensive under the noses of all our military advisors there. What were the Americans doing all this time? Apparently nothing.

    2. You’re absolutely correct! The army is too concerned with wokeness as evidenced by the “Emma has two moms video”. Good Lord, we need someone like Trump back to grow us a backbone.

      1. It’s shocking and disturbing to me to learn the military really hated Trump. I didn’t realize til after Biden became *resident that the Pentagon wants to run their end game without the support of someone like Trump who loved our military. Trump got played. Sad.

  2. I saw footage this morning that the Taliban has taken possession of many of the HumVees we had and lots of our military drones. To the anonymous commenter above who asks what American military has been doing all this time, the answer is simple. Nothing. They got a paycheck for squat.

    1. Agree. Not to mention that millions upon millions of dollars of our equipment goes to strengthen the Taliban’s efforts to take more Afghan cities. Our dollars pissed away for terrorists.

  3. Now what? Biden is sending 3000 American troops to Afghanistan. Of all the shit I expected from this administration, I didn’t have “embolden the Taliban” on my bingo card. Biden is not only destroying the USA, the world has taken notice he’s a feckless dolt. Blame W for this mess too.

    1. I didn’t hear that he’s sending troops. Is that new news as of this hour? Do we know which pronouns to use for the troops we’re sending?

      1. To evacuate the US Embassy. 3000 troops to evacuate how many Americans in residence?

        In the Weasel Zippers link is a comment that reflects my personal beliefs about the war. Both parties and presidents made mistakes.

        “The Afghan “war” was over in a matter of weeks back in 2001-02. The occupation is what has dragged on for 20 years, and it was a horrible mistake across multiple presidencies and both parties.”

        Biden Sending 3,000 Troops Back To Afghanistan As Taliban Rout Gov’t Forces….

    2. Part of this whole BS is W/Rummie/Cheney wanting a long ass war, then spreading it to Iraq. But it goes back even further to when we helped the Muj fight off the Soviets then just ditched the whole thing. We can also point at out supposed allies the Pakis, who have been BSing us for decades.
      All that being said, it’s the weaklings in Congress who are supposed to make sure the executive branch doesn’t do stupid crap like this to begin with.
      Now we’ve got a brain dead pResident and a State Dept and military that are more concerned with pronouns than showing strength. But that’s just a sign of the puss coming to the surface of a wound that’s been festering for decades.

  4. I’m not concerned, Jo Hiden is a competent and potent leader who can handle anything you throw at him (just do it underhand please).
    Somewhat related, magic mushrooms are awesome!

    1. I saw a clip of Biden from a July press conference where he declared it would never happen that the Taliban would retake Afghanistan if he brought home our troops. And this dope got 81m votes? Hint: he didn’t.

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