Captain America!

Mr. EOS hails from a long rich history of whaling captains, and a still intact whaling captain log that the family treasures. Some of those family whaling captain heirlooms sit proudly in the Whaling Museum in New Bedford, a great visit if you’re ever in the area.

The tradition continues. While not mighty enough to spear a whale, the Captain of this new skiff will haul in lobsters and reel in bass and blues to feed his waiting family!

First the trailer needs to be registered, a pain because it never had a title but Mr. EOS said there’s a legal workaround for such problems but it’ll require going to a regional DMV, if one can even do that today! Probably by appointment only.

He’s a happy whaling captain today with a new toy to deck out. It needs a new seat and a new Garmin that has a screen big enough for old eyes to see.

She’s not named or christened yet so perhaps we can help Mr. EOS come up with a clever moniker. He didn’t like my suggestion of Queen Mary 3. 😬

14 thoughts on “Captain America!

  1. Without the history, that’s just a boat. With the history, that’s some manly stuff right there!
    Doesn’t look very welcoming for that many folks to join (part of the plan?) so I go with “Room For One.” Or a longer one: “Permission to Come Aboard? No!”
    But that’s just me being antisocial.

    1. Not *part* of the plan. It **is** the plan! My Old Man in the Sea loves his solitude, especially communing with the ocean and tides. It’s his passion, truly, the gene for the love of fishing and being out to sea alone certainly passed down from his whaling captain ancestors.

  2. Look through the family captain’s log for the name of a whaler that was captained by some long deceased relative. That would be worthy of talking about.

    Do the logs go into detail as to how many whales were caught? My wife’s great grandfather was a sea Captain. His captain’s logs were as boring as hell, they were day, date, time, weather conditions and sea state. Repeated over and over for days, weeks, months and years of sailing. Nothing exciting, but he wasn’t hunting whales.

    1. Great suggestion. We’ll do that. There are two sets of logs we have. One, pretty much like the one you described of your ancestor, boring as hell, the other is a true whaling log. We found some mention of him when we stopped into the Whaling Museum on Maui!! These men were gone for months at a time. Must have been a hard life.

  3. In naming his boat Walter Cronkite provided a privacy-friendly answer for friends and associates to report on his whereabouts: the “On Assignment”.

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