Two Months and One Day….p

I have all my TV channels. Happened last night, around 6:30pm after some afternoon texts from my Optimum liaison who told me behind the scenes my boxes were being reprogrammed and I’d not see any channels for a few hours.

I got to ask my Optimum liaison why, how did this go so wrong. She said, and it makes sense to me, that West Harrison shows up in three different programming zones at Optimum. Harrison. White Plains, and West Harrison. The first error came when Cablevision called my address Harrison and my boxes were being programmed to that area and consequently not syncing. Then my address got changed, not by me, and she doesn’t know who, to White Plains, and this caused the longest and most hard to resolve issue because while they had my address as White Plains, they had the correct 10604 zip code.

So, LSS, I can now watch more than three channels but of course, the irony is that there’s little good to watch. Thanks to the reader who recommended the Frontline 9/11 documentary. Late last night, during the worst of the huge thunderstorm, I scrolled and found the documentary running at 2 this morning. I set it to record. I’ll get to it at some point today.

The last word I had from my liaison last night was she was now setting upon getting my bill straightened out. It was a long road and without her assistance, I am sure I’d still be calling 962-4444 and screaming into the phone for help.

Huge huge huge storms over night, crazy lightning and thunder and this morning, more rain and dense air. Autumn and cooler temps can not come soon enough. Happy Thursday.

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