They Are Good Boys

A smart talented young police officer was killed in the line of duty in Chicago. A mother. Gunned down. Senseless gun violence.

Who and what is to blame? The success of the gang mentality is my personal opinion. Young street men can feel powerful as part of a tough gang. They are emboldened to rob, injure, and murder to be welcomed into the ranks of the gang.

Gangs know where to get illegal guns. It’s a big business and money talks.

But more, I think the lack of a strong family unit is to blame.

The mother of these two killers spoke and said there are two sides to every story. That she, as a black woman, doesn’t trust the Chicago PD. And added that my boys was afraid.

So she’s afraid of the police and no doubt she’s taught her sons to be afraid too. But being afraid doesn’t equate to gunning down. That’s where her argument loses any credibility. What were her sons doing at the time such that the police were sent to the scene? Not knitting socks. Here’s what the Chicago newspaper The Sun reported about the incident:

French and her fellow officer carried out a traffic stop at around 9pm on August 7 in West Englewood.

Two men and a woman were traveling in the car, police said.

A person inside the vehicle, suspected to be Emonte, opened fire on the police during the stop as cops exchanged shots.

The brothers OPENED FIRE ON THE POLICE during the stop.

End of sympathy for the mother who feels her boys was afraid.

The Officer killed, Ella French, will not have any protests in her honor. No one will march for her. No one will erect a statute or name a park in her honor. In the eyes of many, Officer French was expendable because she was a Chicago policeman doing her job.


4 thoughts on “They Are Good Boys

  1. She shouldn’t worry – her boys will find a way to a plea bargain through the completely worthless and corrupt State’s Attorney Kim Foxx. Then they can get back to killing people.

  2. Come on now, these two were just “turning their lives around,” probably getting a rap career going.
    But, Momz is a serious person. Don’t be fooled by the fact that she created a video followin her kidz killin a cop, did her make up, positioned her weave perfectly over dem tig ol’ bitties and claimed that there was much more to this murder than what whitey is showin us.
    But as Al Dente said, Kim Foxx is on the job. Just because she’s dropped over 25,000 felony cases, doesn’t mean she’s soft on crime.

    1. If Jessie Smollett can concoct an entire story that he was attacked by MAGA folk and get off Scott free, I have no hope that these brothers will actually see the inside of a jail cell.

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