Slowly I turned… step by step, inch by inch..

It’s happening. Again.

Not sure about the letter to the residents. What’s the line mean “if I’m in the same room as anyone wearing a mask”?? That’s if I’m unvaccinated only or am I supposed to, as a vaccinated person, defer to anyone choosing to wear a mask? I hope not.

My liberal local rag Bedford Record Review has misinformation galore in an article about towns mandating masking indoors again.

Here’s my two cents. The masking fear and panic will never abate. We’re in a new progressive norm whereby the scolds are winning. They want control over every aspect of our lives.

Mandatory vaccines are coming to most hospital employees. Vaccine passports aren’t far away so you can be in their control. Do as we say not as we do.

There was no mask requirement yesterday as I looked at the front door of the West Harrison library yet the Bedford Library insists on masks to enter. Makes no sense to me.

Rand Paul says cloth masks are useless. For that he got his YT video removed.

Crazy times.

12 thoughts on “Slowly I turned… step by step, inch by inch..

  1. Wearing a mask in a room with others wearing a mask shows that you are virtuous and care about the mentally fragile person who thinks that a flimsy paper mask will keep them “safe”. I think we know this is all about political power and manipulation. But the scolds only appear to be winning. Ultimately, the American spirit will conquer these power-hungry tyrants. It’s already started in PTA meetings targeting CRT across America. And the movement will grow and grow until the pendulum swings in our favor. Just be patient for a few months!

    1. I have been following the parent groups who are fighting back. They are getting some traction, thankfully, but their successes are never aired in mainstream media or even the likes of the liberal Bedford Record Review. Their writers always label the patents in opposition to CRT or masks as “brash, loud, rude, making trouble”. As long as the media controls the message, the scolds will keep the upper hand.

  2. The incoming NY Governor announced today mask mandates will be in full effect for schools come fall.

    It’s not going away.

    1. I missed that announcement but it should come as no surprise. As you said, masks are not now, not soon, maybe not ever going away.

  3. Aaahnold told me that if I don’t wear a mask I can screw my freedom. I never liked Schwarzenegger even when he claimed he was a Republican Governor. He married a very liberal Kennedy/Shriver then screwed her freedoms too. He can kiss my grits.

  4. Why in the world would you pay attention to Rand Paul? Just wear a mask and get vaccinated. What’s the downside?

    1. Hey asshat. I’m vaccinated. Why should I wear a mask? And Rand Paul has an MD. I’m guessing you haven’t even stayed at a Holiday Inn Express. Go troll another site pal.

    2. Why in the world would you pay attention to a man who admitted he looked into the camera in March 2020 and lied about the need for masks ? And who, despite being the J Edgar Hoover of the CDC with 37 years of service in the role, routinely fails to anticipate that the circumstances can change when he makes his pronouncements? And who himself has stated on writing to colleagues that the effectiveness of paper masks is unknown at best?

    3. You’re right no downside. Just do what you are told by a building management company that can’t hook up a friggin cable tv connection. Follow the science!

  5. I LOVE Susie’s optimism. And my gut tells me she’s right.
    And excellent smack down of the troll, EOS. Definitely left a mark 🤣

    1. I was just about to send Susie (with whom I agree on just about everything) the same message, but you beat me to the punch, Shellbelle. Sure hope our optimistic instinct bears fruit in the next few months! Oldtimer

  6. The same room as a mask wearer? Maybe somebody has a sense of humor? “If you see a masker, please just be a masker until they leave. That way we can all just go about our business.”
    Love that mask sign. Those big holes make me think it’s the new Non-95. Which gives me the idea: if masks are required, how about something like this:

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