No, The Norwalk Main Avenue Walmart is Not Better!

Easy trip up the Merritt to Main Avenue to the Slaussen Cutoff. But ouch, once there, I spied a really really run down shopping center. Dirty. Congested. Cars going every which direction.

Why is the big sign over the front entrance missing? Some of you told me this Walmart might have been either a Bradlees or Caldor in her previous life. Is it possible in all the years it’s been a Walmart, they couldn’t afford put up a replacement sign?

The inside of this Walmart was, in this writers eye, far worse than the Walmart on Connecticut Avenue. And don’t laugh, but lots of low end merchandise. I don’t mean that facetiously, rather this Walmart didn’t have half as nice things in the bath and kitchen aisles as the other Norwalk location.

I was on the hunt for a long microwave vegetable steamer. I HAVE one, but guess where it is?! Yep, packed up and in storage. I like to steam asparagus and broccoli and the steamer I own was ideal. Long rectangular shape. Lid. ✅✅ Couldn’t find anything like it. It’s for sale on Amazon but I was hoping to pick one up today. I also want a tub mat, because the tub surface here is a tad slippery but nothing. Seems like a basic item to me but what do I know? Nothing.

I need a smaller under the kitchen sink trash can. The one I bought before I moved in is just a smidge too tall. Found the shape and size I wanted, but someone took the word Trash literally! 😬

I left with only two oddball things in my bag. Self scanner checkout option was fine. Very few masked customers inside. I made a point to look.

The only good part of the Walmart adventure was a violinist playing in another part of the strip mall, looking for money. He was very talented, had his violin hooked up to a speaker so it reverberated beautifully throughout the parking lot. I stopped by and gave him a few bucks.

I think I’m done Walmarting. Target is much more up my alley. But nothing ventured. Nothing gained. I was happy to get out of the apartment, even if it was to a not so nice Walmart.

14 thoughts on “No, The Norwalk Main Avenue Walmart is Not Better!

  1. Can you send a picture of the veggie steamer? How is it better than just microwaving vegetables wrapped in a wet paper towel? Inquiring minds…

  2. To me and my daughter, that was the “Caldor with Rides,” four coin-operated merry-go-round-type rides in the store’s lobby. Every time we went there I would make sure to bring four quarters so she could ride each one. Alas, that was a long time ago; she’s been practicing medicine four years already.

  3. Who didn’t love those rides!!! I remember them well!!! Kudos to your daughter for being a practicing physician. It’s a long road.

  4. EOS, does this steamer stink up the house with the smell of whatever is cooking?
    Would love to be able to cook fish without having to air out the place afterward.

  5. These days a storeowner’s insurance policy would have to allow for an expensive rider.

  6. Yes. It does. I can’t find any way to cook veggies that doesn’t stink up the house. It’s a full evacuation when I cook cauliflower. Broccoli is inherently stinky too. I haven’t used this steamer for fish because I usually don’t steam fish. I pan sauté or bbq or bake. But I have no doubt steamed fish would stink up the kitchen too.

  7. True. You can’t imagine what lengths Chubb made us jump to go through this renovation. So many demands.

  8. EOS, I am the poster of the comment about the Walmart on Route 7 being better than the one on Route one in Norwalk. It WAS a lot better the last time I went there a couple of years ago. It was cleaner, nicer people, etc., etc. I guess it has changed!! I moved to Florida a year or so ago from Greenwich, and find that the Walmarts down here aren’t a lot better….. Sorry about that!

  9. No need to apologize. I hope you didn’t take umbrage at my headline as it wasn’t meant to take aim at your comment. Just my snark.

    The whole shopping center has seen better days. For what it’s worth, I was in the minority speaking English. Shoppers were overwhelmingly Hispanic, NOT to mean that’s the reason the strip mall has declined but it didn’t have the same vibe as the one in CT Avenue.
    Lucky you to have escaped to Florida. Kudos!!

  10. I just went to the Route 7 Walmart today for the first time in a long time & you are absolutely correct. It was abysmally stocked. I got some paper products, but definitely not worth the trip. I can only suppose that the management has changed. I apologize for sending you there. At one point I was browsing in the makeup department & two employees were having a long conversation while I was there, actually I left before they gave up their chatting. The only bright spot was the cashier, she was friendly & pleasant, but otherwise a disaster. Sorry.

  11. Please Wendy, no need to apologize. I feel badly that you took my criticism of the condition of that Walmart personally. I did not.
    It’s amazing how important a manager is, whether it’s a restaurant or a store. The employees take the tone from the top. A good manager would have seen or been told that a trash can for sale was being used as a trash can by customers or employees but it was obvious to me the trash I found had been there a good long while.

    I self checked out but the young woman in charge of sanitizing the kiosks was very nice. We had a short chat.

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