Maybe I Can Finally Meet Vinny!!

I’ll wear a “I’m The Dumbass” name badge!!

Shall I attend or send my regrets? It’s hard to pass up free food and free booze and part of me wants to see who else lives here, so I’m likely gonna Say Yes to The Dress, and bring my iPhone for some good blog photos! 

The announcement doesn’t say where the party is but I’m assuming its outside around the hole that’ll one day be the pool.

15 thoughts on “Maybe I Can Finally Meet Vinny!!

  1. You must attend. We want to see how The Carraway residents party. Double dare to wear the name tag.

      1. That was my next thought. Will we be required to mask up? I read today the town of Bridgeport CT has reinstated indoor mask mandates. Why Bridgeport, other than it’s the armpit of CT.

    1. Freddy the 13th comes to mind. Not an entirely inappropriate image for the horrors inflicted upon democracy these past 18 months.

  2. Maybe it will be held in the library. “We hope to see you there” Where??? Their communications are hysterical. Or hysterically inept.

    1. Perhaps it is going to be a real life game of clue: is it Mrs. EOS in the library? Vinny in the garbage room?

        1. LOL!

          It was the Dumbass in the library, hitting the moveable staircase while Vinny was atop it, causing him to tumble to his death. Though Vinny is probably more likely to an actual victim of murder than he is to set foot in a library.

        2. I ned to create Clue, The Carraway Version. Yapping dogs. Banging doors. Rude neighbors. Inept management. It’s a winner.

        3. You absolutely do. Your own version of what appears to be a post-modern, anti-social global elite-adjacent hell.

        4. Tonight offers a Bonus Round: someone circling the property in a whiny rubber band operated ATV. Round and round and round and round. With my AC on, windows closed, on the top (3rd) floor, I can hear the whining motor as if I were on the thing. 💆🏻‍♀️🙃

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