West Harrison

Who knew? I’ve lived in Westchester County for decades and up until today, if asked, I would have said I know all the nooks and crannies of the County.

Not so. I’ve never been to the Village of West Harrison. So classically small town.

I went to West Harrison from the apartment by way of John’s Barn, eschewing 287 to Underhill Avenue. Rather I looped around and through Purchase, past the Purchase Post Office then left onto Barnes Road. Good decision to see the lay of the land.

First I took my car to the West Harrison Citgo on Lake Avenue for her inspection. Great gaggle of guys. All long time locals telling me about Silver Lake and how it used to be so clear you could swim in it but now all the runoff from houses etc make it impossible to take a quick dip. Too bad because on such a hot hot day a jump in the lake would be a good thing. I was in and out of the gas station in no time and was happy that I found such a fine local establishment. Everyone who pulled in got a wave. But jeepers, regular gas there was $3.89. Middle grade was $3.99. That’s over my limit but obviously locals are happy to patronize a small service station.

The main drag is festooned with tons of American flags. A big beautiful football field that has a red H in the middle so Harrison HS must play here. Gorgeous. Big night lights. Bleachers. Loved it!

A Main Street with busy mom and pop shops. A cigar store. A couple of restaurants. A couple of banks. A beautiful fire station. A dry cleaner.

Down the way from the football field I spied a huge Weeping Willow tree. I’d love to know the history of the tree. How long it’s been there. Who planted it.

And of course, the reason I wanted to come to West Harrison to begin with, the library.

Not a whole lot of activity there today but I bet lots of families are taking the last vacation before school starts.

All in all, a fun outing.

Home to the tv screen telling me yet again to pay up or else but as I explained in the comments yesterday, my Cablevision liaison said ignore that message. When the box goes to four dashes and the screen says my services are cancelled for non payment, it simply means they are working remotely on getting my service working. I’m okay with that and prefer it to having any more onsite tech guys.

Without tv as a distraction, I’ll see how close to finishing the Splendid and the Vile I can get.

6 thoughts on “West Harrison

  1. It’s not the old Mount Kisco
    Fox & Sutherlands
    Sims & Yellin Pharmacy
    Embassy 5&10 (dime)
    Bedford Barn
    Goody Shop

  2. Or the old Port Chester Main Street with a Woolworth’s, a Grant’s, a Caldor’s, a Neisner’s Fiscella’s, Tunick’s, Texas Lunch, Slax & Jax, the Embassy Theater, etc.

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