It’s Just a Matter of Time…

…before we all want to jump off the cliff.

Not only did the $1.2trillion infrastructure bill pass thanks to the help of every RINO but early this morning, on party lines, the framework for the $3.5trillion moved forward.

There’s nothing in the bill that’s America First. It’s as close to socialism as possible without calling it socialism. The bill grants the Federal Government power over almost every aspect of our lives.

Schumer makes the bill sound like a good thing:

Sen. Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., praised the vote and said the budget will “bring a generational transformation on how our economy works for average Americans”

The slimy Rs who voted for the $1.2trillion bill have blood on their hands when this $3.5trillion bill passes. And it will and can without a single R vote.

When the Dems got power in January 2020, their express goal was to transform the country. We knew what was coming. And honestly, why wouldn’t they take advantage of the hand given them? They’d be fools not to create enormous bills and ram them through. Corporations will be asked to pay more taxes but will simply move their headquarters overseas. We’ll be back to Obama’s mantra “you didn’t create this” because only the government will be creating jobs.

It’s a huge disaster from which our country may not be able to recover, even if someone like DeSantis becomes President in 2024. That’s a long way away and plenty of opportunity for many more Dem pork bills to pass.

In other morning news, the weather continues to suck. It’s awfully humid and hot, unbearable in the apartment without the AC on. I got my first ConEdison bill for the apartment. $96. Not sure what to make of it. 700 square feet apartment but everything is electric. And the AC has been on almost every day. The balance will be the ConEdison bill at the house should be nothing. Even the furnace is turned off.

Going to venture to the Norwalk Walmart closer to the Merritt that you all told me about. For no reason than to get out of the apartment.

Not quite halfway through The Splendid and The Vile. Great read. Thanks.

Happy Hump Day.

17 thoughts on “It’s Just a Matter of Time…

  1. NY Fire Department has excessive heat warnings today with actual temps exceeding 100. The air is very dense, zero quality of breathable air. Doesn’t the Green New Deal want Americans to do without air conditioning?

    Will you do a post on the Code Red bulletin from the United Nations? We might not need to jump off the cliff because of Democratic control because we’ll all be dead from the climate crisis. 🤡🤡

    1. Funny you should mention the Code Red. Last night’s Gutfeld! had a long segment on the UN climate report. Every mainstream media got the memo for breaking news headlines and anchors calling it a code red. Ditto to your 🤡🤡

    2. Remember when Obama said that he wanted electricity costs to go through the roof permanently, so that people would literally be unable to pay for it and use almost none? A/C is definitely on their hit list, along with every other modern convenience that makes life worth living. Of course, none of this will apply to “them” – the elite class of politicians, Hollywood, Wall St. titans and the oligarchs will be able to keep their houses at a chilly 68 degrees if they so wish. It’s everyone else who will suffer. I am very depressed today, after seeing the vile non-infrastructure bill pass and now this monstrosity looming. I don’t see how the country recovers from this – they are hitting us on all sides with no signs of being slowed down by any of our erstwhile elected officials. Worthless, shameful republicans – almost to a man/woman. I feel sick to my stomach.

      1. You and I should go get a drink. Or ten. I’m right there with you feeling depressed today. The socialists are looming large over our country.

        1. The bigger they go, the bigger their implosion. By all means, have a few cocktails today, but they cannot sustain this destructive policy making tomorrow. Digging their graves.

        2. I love your optimism. I find my optimism is fading and I hate that about how I feel. I wake up happy. I’m happy person by nature. I love my country. I love life. But damn, Pelosi and her henchmen are bound to destroy regular folks like me. As many of you have said, correctly, the lives of the elite won’t be affected. Just us peons.

  2. My 3/2 house in Florida ran electric bills as high as $300 per month. Ouch.

    Also, is anyone following Mike Lindell’s Cyber Symposium on the election theft? A lot of people think he’s a nut case but I have tuned in to a little bit of it and he has had some very convincing people and evidence. Two insiders from Colorado said the election process there is totally enveloped in secrecy. Weird.

    Finally, I think there is some kind of test of the Emergency Panic System today and we should all crawl under our beds and stay there.

    1. I’ve asked all my Florida friends if their electric bills are huge and I always get a sigh. Only one said “it’s not as bad as we thought”. The ConEdison bill in the house in Bedford wasn’t awful but the furnace oil bill in the winter was the killer. We have an ancient Buderas furnace that is getting the heaveho this renovation. I’m torn because it’s never failed me. The oil company who services it annually says it’s a work horse, they don’t make like that anymore. But we’re getting rid of the old water heater system too and it makes sense now to revamp everything at once.

      I have NOT watched the Mike Lindell symposium although I am very interested in its contents. The whole 2020 election, and many elections before that one, are fixed. Where is it being aired? Streaming only?

      I thought the emergency was yesterday and I sat waiting for the 2:20 hour, crawled under the bed, but nothing happened. If it’s today NOW I see why nothing happened yesterday.

    2. It’s a theft by a thousands cuts. America votes by secret ballot. If the ballots arriving by mail are not secret, e.g. it says “Ms. EOS”on the package and the poll worker opens the package only to see a big, black mark next to ‘R’, that’s not secret. And thus the ballot is spoiled. How many of these do you think were included, even though they should not have been? Probably most. How many are voting by mail? Probably mostly Ds. And the Rs who vote by mail, well, let’s just imagine that if the rule were to be applied, it could be applied to the R votes. There is not a court in the land that could ever undo this unjustice because there is no evidence this happened (of course, i suppose, if everything were kept and there were lots of missing ‘secrecy foils’ missing, we would know but we could never know which ballots were the ones that missed the secrecy foils at the time of opening).

      As Biden himself said, it is not who votes. It is who counts the votes. And that is what Lenin himself understood. Atlanta was staffed by a D donor’s employment agency. Who was being hired? People without jobs who needed a few days’ work in an urban area. Do the math. This is rigged not fraud.

      It really makes my blood boil to see this happening in the United States of America.

      The only fix is to sign up as a poll worker on E-day. And get paid for the privilege of ensuring a fair election.

  3. The Lindell thing is Incredibly WILD and he is kind of over the top passionate, but they’re definitely revealing the massive election fraud. They’re going through it state by state and begging for the entire election to be audited, not just the swing states. It was everywhere and very bad. China behind it plus others. Media is a huge part of the election theft – as we know. They want all GOP elections everywhere audited because even districts Trump won were affected and of course it also affected down ballot races. It was such a huge collaboration and coordination unsure how they can even get it totally across to people, especially since the media is not covering this at all. I’d like to think this would wake people up, but most people don’t even know it is happening, so it is probably farting against thunder. You can watch it on Youtube, surprisingly. Put Frank Speech in the search bar and look for the live feed. It’s on now. I’m going back under the covers to hide, but taking The Splendid and the Vile with me. Plus a bottle of Michter’s.

  4. Your apartment is the future so many of the Greendinistas want for everyone.
    Small? Check.
    High density (especially compared to those HORRIBLE single family homes)? Check
    All electric (so they can turn it on and shut it off when they want, elec co.s in some states offering a free thermostat if you allow them to shut you down when “needed”)? Check.
    Living close by to your fellow man (like the shopping cart people)? Check
    You just need to put on better colored glasses so you can see the beauty in the Utopia you are living.

      1. She’d just turn your whole newly renovated house into her east coast ice cream stash pad.

    1. CDC caught red handed. This latest alteration of data is nothing new. Remember back peak COVID they stealthily announced that not as many people actually died of Covid. Gee, old age and other health problems did them in? It correct data was removed from the site tho.
      I wouldn’t trust the CDC anymore than I trust the FBI, the CIA, the IRS, or *resident Biden. Crooks all.

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