I Gotta Say. I Didn’t See This Coming.

Two, two, two hosts in one. Well not really. Mike crowned himself the new daily host. As one Jeopardy Instagram commenter said so perfectly, Bold move giving yourself the job, Mike.

Others equally disappointed that Mike took the job himself, not so much sour grapes, but a lot of folks felt the producers didn’t listen to public sentiment. Lots of Ken Jennings fans. Personally I couldn’t stomach Ken but I did understand his unique perspective to host and would not have been surprised had he been chosen. I wouldn’t have liked it but I would have gotten the reasoning.

As for Mayim, she’s going to host some other version of Jeopardy, a spin-off series, whatever the heck that means. How can you spin off Jeopardy and still call it Jeopardy? You can’t. Mayim seems pleasant enough and she’s very smart but I am sure there was a factor from the producers that we can’t just hire a white dude.

LeVar Burton had a huge following of fans. Many people in the Jeopardy Instagram thread were rooting for LeVar.

I remain steadfast to being Team Buzzy Cohen. He had it all. Perfect speech enunciation. Perfect timing. Good looks. Great appreciation for the contestants. Smart. Relaxed.

No one can replace Alex. He had a gift. Sigh.

10 thoughts on “I Gotta Say. I Didn’t See This Coming.

  1. SHOCKED how good David Faber was (and dare I say Stephanopoulous).
    LeVar was probably the worst but was being pushed by the woke crowd who probably don’t even watch.
    Mayim Bialik sucked! Her friggin constant giggling almost made me shut it off. But she was going hard for this and she isn’t a man, so she had that going for her.
    At least they didn’t pick Katie Curic or Robin Roberts.

  2. I didn’t see Stephanopolous or Katie or Robin. I missed Faber too because of all the TVs channels that are missing in my system, one of them is ABC7, so no Jeopardy.
    I didn’t mind Mayim, although now that you mention it, she did giggle a lot. She was a tad condescending in the way she said No. Saying No to a contestant seemed the biggest hurdle for many of the guests to master.
    I hear Joe Buck was awful. Aaron Rodgers was good tho. Funny.

  3. I’ve never watched Mayim Bialik in any role and I haven’t watched Jeopardy for years. Of course they weren’t going to give the host job to a white man! And sorry LeVar, but gender. At first, I remembered something I read about Mayim years ago that made me think she was conservative. Then I read up a little more. A “staunch Zionist”, ok well she doesn’t hate Israel, check. Neuroscientist, hmmm, doesn’t just play one on tv, check. But a Trump hater? How can one hate Trump and be pro-Israel? I think she’s a poser, but I wasn’t going to watch anyway.
    And thanks to the commenter that recommended Rules of Civility. I’m reading that on Libby now. Loved Gentleman in Moscow. Ever since discovering Libby a few years ago, Amazon is getting way less money from me, and that’s a good thing.

  4. To the horror of my children, I’m a Big Bang Theory geek watcher in which Mayim had a leading part. The day I stopped watching the show was when Jessie Smollett told the nation two MAGA hats jumped him and the BBT cast posted a photo of themselves with whatever the hashtag du jour was supporting Jesse. I assumed from that support the whole cast is a bunch of liberals. Not just Mayim.
    That was one thing one never knew about Alex. His politics. I’m sure he was liberal as hell but he never talked about his personal beliefs. A good thing.
    Being a rookie at Libby I can only offer an early assessment. A+.

  5. A lot of people say they haven’t watched in years. I still enjoy it and don’t mind the perpetual contestant concept.

  6. Jeopardy needs better writers. All too often the correct answer is given in the clue. Put another way, I ‘m doing well with subjects I know practically nothing about. Like solving crossword puzzles, it’s a knack and doesn’t necessarily mean a sharp knife in the drawer. A lot of success on the show is handling the buzzer fast enough.
    Two hosts is a big surprise. What was wrong with Buzzy? He had my vote. I liked LaVar and Aaron, too. Mayim is better than the other female guest hosts. I think she’s smart enough not to bring politics into the game.

  7. But…they did give the regular job to a white man. Bialik is hosting some prime time special tournaments.

  8. This comment ended up in the spam folder. I only looked in the spam folder today because of the other app glitches.

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