A Whole New Level of Stupid

The Biden White House cancelled the Keystone Pipeline and banned fracking thereby making it next to impossible for America to be energy independent. The idea of America First doesn’t exist in this administration.

So hey, here’s an plan, let’s ask OPEC to increase their oil production!

4 thoughts on “A Whole New Level of Stupid

  1. The level of stupid up here across the border is actually worse:

    If this is implemented, it means the Keystone, if it is ever built, would run dry despite 171 billion (with a B) of proven oil sands reserves. That’s 25 years worth of supply at current US consumption rates of 18 million barrels a day. We will all shivering to death in the dark. Though I am sure a power source will be located for seasonal use in Martha’s Vineyard.

  2. I believe this Sullivan clown is the POS that wrote the Iran deal (too lazy to confirm)? Anything he’s says or does should be immediately opposed then they can work their way back from there.
    OT but, if you ever want to see how the DOJ/FBI can manufacture crap like the MI Gov kidnapping, the Garland TX cartoon ‘attack’ and probably the Jan6-9/11-ocaust, Frontline did a piece called in the shadow of 9/11. 2 hours but worth it.

    1. I’ve often said that the alphabet agencies are out to get us regular folk. They want to make us all out to be domestic terrorists. All of us who aren’t progressives that is.
      Frontline has done done great documentaries over the years. I’ll go look for it. Thanks.

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