Who Doesn’t Love The Smell of a Good Scam on a Tuesday Morning?

Man, I wish I were this clever. You say on TV (CNN of course!) that you’re the mother of three and about to be evicted from your home in Las Vegas. Cori Bush and AOC rush to your aid, a GoFundMe is established, people help to the tune of $230k, Tweeps following the story call the billionaire landlords the scum of the earth……

Then oopsie daisy….

The August 3 CNN story was over the top, scaremongering….

This Las Vegas woman could be kicked out of her home at any time!!

I found and took a screenshot of a few supporters of the actual mother of these children…I don’t have a degree in ebonics, so I may need a translator for this one in particular…

This one is good too. Apparently the real mother of these three also has three (or four?) more children, has spent time in prison, the baby daddy and the babysitter are an item….oh my, it’s complicated.

Has CNN retracted the story? Has Cori Bush apologized. Ha ha. No. Who gets the money?

10 thoughts on “Who Doesn’t Love The Smell of a Good Scam on a Tuesday Morning?

  1. This isn’t the first scam CNN has pushed. That’s their thing. Find people who are in the brink. Don’t investigate their story just run with it. I read they closed the GoFundMe and refunded donations.

    1. Tru dat about CNN pushing scams. That’s their business model. I’m happy to hear you report that the donations were returned.

  2. You know CNN is missing the Trump era when they peddle these penny-ante scams instead of Russiagate, the impossibility and then dangers of a Trump vaccine, Avenatti for President 2020 and many more. How the mighty have fallen to be reduced to be picking at the ash-heap of human misery.

    1. Oh that’s so true. I nightly record then early morning watch the Gutfeld! Show. Last night Greg’s monologue was about Brian Stelter and CNN, mostly about CNN’s inability to introduce nuance into their reporting. It’s “Trump is bad. People who fly flags are Trump supporters. Therefore all flag flying Americans are bad”.

      Acosta wants to rename the Delta variant the DeSantis Variant. Ha ha.

      First and foremost, all CNN reporters are Trump haters. It’s in their contract. So by their thinking, anyone who thinks rationally or puts America first must be deplorable.

      1. It may be in their contract but it is endemic throughout the leftist propaganda operation known as American media. It is a very unhealthy state of affairs.

        Gutfeld is on the mark with the syllogistic fallacy on flags. This could be applied to thousands of other examples, I am sad to say.

        1. I discovered it the other night as I was cleaning the kitchen with my earphones on. Youtube (No TV or cable nonsense here) autoplayed the prior day’s Gutfeld episode. It was brilliant. Not having a tv and not paying attention to the screen, I could not tell it was Fox or Gutfeld and actually thought it was a leftist show for the first few minutes since the humour was good – it was a bit of cognitive dissonance to realize he wasn’t just another liberal mocking Cuomo. We all need more of this. Comedy, like the covid virus, does not only infect people on one side of the aisle.

        2. I’ve been a Gutfeld groupie forever, since his years old show The Red Eye. He’s smart. Funny. Self-deprecating sense of humor, especially about his short stature. He’s a very accommodating host, allowing his guests to shine. I’ve shared this before but I’ve been in the peanut gallery of his former Saturday night show. What absolute fun!! The audience, as you can imagine, is all red. All different age groups. All differ to colors. I want to attend this new nightly show but have gotten around to seeing when tickets are available. It’s a must.

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