There Are A Lot of Troubling Things Done By Our Government Agencies But…

IMHO, this is close to the worst.

The FBI in concert with Biden’s DOJ, in concert with Pelosi, in concert with some bad R’s, are all on board with letting those arrested for their actions on January 6th be hung out to dry, on their own, with no recourse for resolution, and apparently, our government doesn’t intend to release exculpatory video or photos.

So are you reading this text? The government HAS in its possession video of guards helping the January 6th protesters into the building, fist bumping them, etc, but that evidence can’t be released???

Whatever your take on January 6th, whether you call it a riot or a peaceful protest or a bunch of people who felt they’d been lied to, those arrested, and some already sentenced, are scapegoats for sure.

No building burned. No business was looted. No one who entered the Capitol was brandishing guns or knives. So how on earth could our own government hold these people hostage as insurrectionists? How is it even possible people are still in jail?

I’ll tell you why. These two are hellbent on destroying the lives of anyone who supported or voted form Trump. it’s that simple. It’s evil. It has to be illegal. Why are’t lawyers lining up to defend those in jail? I understand at most they’ve been indicted for trespassing.

Our government agencies are deeply flawed. I might even dare say corrupt. But then again, I don’t have a D after my name so like every other R, I have to worry that the government will come after me next.

7 thoughts on “There Are A Lot of Troubling Things Done By Our Government Agencies But…

  1. And think of the irreversible psychological damage they will suffer after being held in solitary, SOLITARY, for all these months.

    1. Yes, but to the minds of the liberals running this country into the ground, “these people” deserve to rot in solitary. That’s the sick AF part. There’s no legality to being kept in solitary. It’s strictly because the libs feel they are our moral betters.

  2. I’d like to see them release all the video from that day as well as clarify exactly how many informants and undercover agents were on site and participating. That’s all in addition to someone clarifying why requests for more security were refused.
    But I guess if you’re going to create an event that’s “WORSETHAN9-11” you have to maintain full control of the production.

    1. Full control. Nail on head. Yep. That’s all it is. Control the narrative. Never the facts. The Dems have this down to a science. The Rs are still fumbling in the dark.

      1. They crap on Trump and claim he’s the worst person ever but Nancy Pelosi is one sick mofo.
        The evil genius in orchestrating the 9/11-Jan-6-ocaust will go down as one of the greatest (worst) set ups of all time. Trump, and the few who were manipulated, played right into her hands.

        1. Trump made some serious rookie errors at the end of the election cycle and Pelosi was waiting right there to collect “incriminating evidence” on everyone in DC that day. Scary scary scary.

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