Is It Really So Difficult?

Ugh. I detest people and/or businesses who can’t be bothered to reply to an email.

Two cases in point. The guy I hired to map out and order all the cabinetry for the house renovation was highly recommended by the builder. I interviewed him back in May. Liked him. Gave him a set of plans. Asked for a rough price guesstimate because I told him as rooms were built, I’d better see what specific cabinets I wanted. He told me no problem. All I wanted was a starting off number, a base figure for that line item of the budget.

May rolled into June. Nothing. I emailed him to see if he had prepared any number for me and got an email back BUT not from the owner of the company. It was an assistant who told me Jim (not his real name) was out of the country and when he returned (June 27), I’d have the figures I needed.

Fast forward. Yesterday, still nothing after a couple more in-between YooHoo emails, I shot one off saying I’m giving the job to another company. Please return my set of plans because they are expensive to hand out.

Nothing. No return email. Pretty bad.

So I CALLED him today and shockingly he answered. When I said who I was and if he got my email yesterday, he said he was having trouble hearing me. Right. LSS, he said he was having trouble with his suppliers. I acknowledged that must surely be a problem during COVID and sympathized but said that didn’t excuse never hearing back since May and not getting any indication of pricing. Good bye.

Then, yesterday, after I got the phone call (**see unrelated note at end) from the Optimum executive, I took a long time to pen a timeline email to her with screenshots of all the different billing prices, all the wrong addresses, all the appointments. I sent it yesterday at 3:27pm.

No reply. No thank you for your email, I’m working on a resolution. Did she get the email? Did a secretary get it and delete it? I had no idea.

Soooooooooooo, this morning, a little before noon, I called her direct phone line. She answered. She recognized me by name. I asked if she got my email. She said Yes, yes, I did. I said it would have been helpful if she’d replied, a one sentence reply even, Got it. Thanks. She agreed, said she’s been really busy, then apologized.

And here we are. Hiring a new cabinet guy and realizing the cable executive is no more going to get to fixing my problems than the man in the moon.

You write to me. I respond. You call me. I call you back. You post a blog comment I reply. It’s really so simple but I seem to be in the minority. Is it an age thing?

**As for the unrelated news, my Optimum landline just rang and I answered it even though I didn’t recognize the name because this is the number all the Cablevision techs have used to reach me, and it was THE spam message that started the avalanche of phone calls to my Bedford house landline. Your Amazon account has been charged $700……I slammed down the phone so fast but I’m thinking now they got me.

All I gotta say is….

9 thoughts on “Is It Really So Difficult?

  1. It’s an age thing. I caught a glimpse of my 23 year olds iPhone home screen with 64 on the email app. 🙃

  2. I think it’s an age thing, too. But when we were renovating some five or so years ago, I will say the cabinetmaker was a no-show over and over. He ultimately did a great job, but he was in demand and we didn’t happen to be a priority.

  3. Alas, I can’t afford a real deal cabinetmaker. That would be a dream. This guy is a “designer” who orders cabinets from the few lines he carries.

  4. I’m guessing Mr. EOS could build those kitchen cabinets better and faster than a cabinet guy could give an estimate. Not replying isn’t an age thing. It’s laziness, ignorance, poor manners and those come in all ages.
    Now that you’re plugged into Libby your next step is streaming. A Roku is cheap. Apple TV has Ted Lasso- and I’m hooked on that show. Amazon Prime has lots of films. Acorn for British programs. Since you’re a NY resident you can get an e-card from that big library on Fifth Ave.

  5. For all the previous renovations or big projects we both were hands on. We opted out this time, hiring others in every aspect. As my father always said, it’s only money. 🥸

    Thanks for all the tech tips of watching etc. I have a whole year in this apartment to find new ways to watch and read.

  6. Not yet. Ask me tomorrow. Tonight, my tv screen went black and the screen said “your services are suspended for non payment”. Ha ha. It was close to 6pm. I called The Cablevision exec whose number I had, the woman who promised me she’d negate any bill, but of course it was after hours and my call went to voicemail mail.
    Happily tho, within the half hour, she called me and explained they were working on the channel problem remotely and there weren’t many options available for screen alerts. Non payment was their default. ANYWAY, she assured me there would be no bill. The few channels I am getting came back. She added that they’d be working remotely again and not to worry if the screen goes blank.
    Okay. Good enough explanation.

  7. If this cabinet order-taker can afford to be such a prima donna during COVID, imagine what the “real deal” might be like.

    I made the mistake of firing my landscaper near the beginning of the season. I couldn’t believe how difficult it was to replace him. The mow-and-blow guys are riding high, and they know it. By the time someone finally deigned to have pity on me my grass was literally a foot high, and my nerves were totally frazzled.

    I’m now renovating a bathroom (not by choice), and the guy is taking an agonizingly long time and making life inconvenient. I want to get rid of him, but the problem is that his work is very good, and I’m scared silly of getting into another situation like the landscaper.

    These tradesmen have got us homeowners by the shorthairs, and it seems there is nothing to be done. It almost makes me hope for another recession and consequent buyers’ market. (Wow, I can’t believe I wrote that, but it’s the measure of just how upsetting this all is.)

  8. Your comment didn’t appear in my comment notifications until now even though it says you wrote it six hours ago. Apologies that the WP system is slow.

    It’s a most excellent comment and observation and I concur on every level. It was an added worry for us taking on a huge renovation at this time, the “we got you by the short hairs” mentality is indeed rampant.

    In our last renovation, 2014, I fired the contractors painters who preferred to be on their cell phones rather than y’a know, paint! I was lucky and found a replacement but even then before COVID, getting anyone to return calls or give us a quote was impossible.

    I don’t envy your position is having to redo a bathroom or finding a new lawn service team. We’ve had the same team for 20 years and every year his weekly price goes up I threaten to find someone else but this team is so great I grit my teeth and pay the bill.

    Good luck. Keep us posted. And sorry for the system taking so long to show me your comment in the queue.

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