Hello! Anyone There?

The apartment complex uses a digital service for the mailroom here called Hello Package.

Today was my first opportunity to see how it works. I ordered some things from The Company Store and one was delivered yesterday at 2pm. Hmmmm. The app says I’m to receive a text telling me a package has arrived, giving me a six digit code to enter the mailroom that’s unique to me. However, that didn’t happen.

It was only this morning when I check the Track Your Package from The Company Store did I see it was delivered yesterday.

I called the front desk. Asked how the system worked. Did it take 12 hours for the package to enter the system? I sure hope not.

The tracking had the package accepted by someone named Tommy and I mentioned that to the front desk employee. He told me Tommy must not have entered the package into the system. Within five minutes of my conversation with the front desk, I got a text that my package arrived! Yay.

Gee, color me skeptical but if Tommy’s job in the mailroom is to scan boxes that arrive, and he didn’t do that until I called, shouldn’t Tommy be assigned a different job? Just asking.

Anyway, the system is pretty Jetson’s-like. I entered the code on the pad outside the mailroom and a deep voice welcomed me by name. DooDoododooo.

The text told me what section I’d find the box. The Hello Package system knows which box is yours so you can’t take a better box belonging to someone else. Drat.

The instant I lifted the box from the shelf, a voice in the room thanked me by name and said I could leave. Cool beans.

It’ll be interesting to see if the other part of my order from The Company Store is scanned in by Tommy when it actually arrives!

Lots and lots of cameras and TV screens monitoring my entry and exit, but that’s okay. It’s better than wondering if my mail carrier left a package out in the rain.

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