18 thoughts on “Best Headline of the Day!

  1. I totally disagree (respectfully, but I’m not a NYer).
    I was hoping this would go on forever until this POS’s bones were picked clean.
    A book deal, an Emmy, a DOJ investigation into killing seniors (magically dismissed), this Goomba and all his Cuomosexuals should have been dragged through the muck for months if not years. It’s the least that could have been done after listening to his BS last year.

    1. All that’s true and many many people are in agreement with your sage assessment. Don’t let his resignation hide the fact that he killed so many seniors.

    1. I am sure, without any insider knowledge, that the resignation was Cuomo’s deal with the NY legislature to avoid being arrested.

  2. Is it really? He resigned for the wrong reason – a pat on the bum, not covering up the fact of sending covid patients on a death march into nursing homes. And yes, Texas also had this issue but to my knowledge they did not attempt to cover it up.

    Moreover, this means Letitia James now has a clear shot. As does AOC. That is not cause for celebration. I would keep the champagne stocked away for more promising news.

      1. You reacted as all logical people, including me, do to such news – with glee because it is so nice to see, just for a moment, a big D hypocrite getting his just desserts. Especially after the Sturgis/Sophisticated episode this weekend. Only they’re not really his just desserts since, as Joseph in the comments points out, we are now going to miss the goodie bags which would have been handed out during the impeachment proceedings. Which is why our initial glee is misplaced.

        1. You should write this blog for me. Excellent analysis.

          The Sturgis/Sophisticated episode was nothing more than a repeat of Hillary’s Deplorables and Biden’s Dregs of Society. Dems hate us. They want us dead. Period.

    1. I was watching his lawyer the other day defend him against the accusations from AE1 who said he slammed the door and grabbed her boob. Her argument seemed pretty good and I was hoping they would fight it to the death to expose all the lying on every side of this ‘issue.’
      Cuomo’s opponents are absolutely every bit as corrupt as he is and will move right into taking over the state and screwing it up even further. AOC moving right past Chuckles and right into the mansion seems like a great path to our first ‘Latina’ Marxist President.
      Prepare accordingly.

      1. What I thought was hysterical in Cuomo’s resignation speech was he said that the accusations were purely a political ploy. Ha ha. Sure as shit yeh pal. His own party playing dirty tricks that he Cuomo used on all his opponents but when played on HIM it’s all of a sudden a ploy? You can’t make this stuff up.

        Yes, the state of New York is headed over the Niagara without a barrel. I can’t even fathom AOC as Governor but nor can I fathom Letitia James. Hell in a handbasket comes to mind.

  3. While I agree with all of your comments, I am pleased to see him go & pleased at what I think might be his political downfall. His lawyer was actively trying to smear the women who accused him & who knows what other filthy things he was doing to hang on to power. He resigned because he saw no way to retain power. Definitely time for the Cuomos to exit public life, & for New York to reclaim the new bridge as the Tappan Zee.

        1. I’m seeing that the petition is getting a lot of media attention. It would be the ultimate Get Lost Cuomo goodbye. I’m signing it!!

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