This is Where I’d Like to Be Today…..

And stay for a month. A year. Okay, maybe move there forever. No phone. Just live on The Edge of Wildness.

The photo above is from the Nihi Sumba Hotel in Indonesia, voted the Best Hotel in the WORLD two consecutive years. Not too shabby, eh?

The hotel website is tough to look at because it’s a looped video, and on my laptop, no sound.

I’ll happily take the modest one bedroom villa but The Owner’s Estate is an upgrade, at $14k/night. What’s money, right?

I figure from New York it’d take 2 days and a whole lot of flights to get to the resort – we have friends whose daughter honeymooned in the Maldives and it took over 30 hours, four flights from Houston, to get there.

It’s a hoof. Googling New York to Nihi I get on average 35-38 hours to get there.

The good news is the hotel is running a special. Only 9,900,000 Indonesian rupiah a night (which when I looked it up was roughly $693/night. A bargain in my book, although I see the special does not include alcohol!)

You figure the airfare is an additional several thousand, unless you want to ride in the cattle car section. But I’m ready. Who else is in?

For those curious, the Cablevision executive DID call me, around 10:30 this morning. She was surprised the technician here yesterday didn’t magically repair the missing channels and she concluded I see we have work to do at our end to resolve this for you. True.

6 thoughts on “This is Where I’d Like to Be Today…..

  1. I got the sound to work. It’s just background music. If you want to hear it:

    Firefox – right click and select “UNMUTE”

    Safari – right click and select “OPEN IN NEW WINDOW”

    Chrome, etc – you’re on your own

  2. In the old days when “getting there [was] half the fun”, maybe. But now? Of course bragging rights for swimming with horses are pretty priceless, way better than sleeping with fishes.

    1. Ha. 😴😴🐟🐠🐡!!

      Honestly I’d only go to Nihi now if I could fly private. In other words, I’ll never get to this resort. Getting there was half the fun at age 20. Age 30. Age 40. Age 50. Even age 60. It’s less fun age 70+.

      1. We had a wonderful time there. Amazing resort, used to be a surf shack. Incredible left hand wave. Owned by ex-husband of Tory Burch. He is opening another Nihi in Costa Rica, will be easier to get to.

        1. Lucky lucky you to have been. Owned by Tory Burch’s ex??! I had no idea. Thanks for the info.

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