I Let My Fingers Do The Walking

Three times I threatened to get my sorry ass to the West Harrison library to check out a few of the books you all so kindly recommended. Three times I didn’t get there.

But I DID manage to get to the Bedford Free Library and left with a new digital library card and just down downloaded the Libby Library app on my iPad.

Bingo. Splendid and the Vile. I have seven days to finish it. Yikes. Thanks again for the suggestions and thanks too for the heads up about the Libby app. I must live under a rock that I didn’t know about Libby.

19 thoughts on “I Let My Fingers Do The Walking

  1. Hmmm, you might check your Libby app. I think I get my books I check out for two or three weeks. By the time the library warns me the book will soon expire, I’ve already forgotten the book’s plot!

  2. Ok. Seven days seemed pretty short but I downloaded the app and “borrowed” the book all in a minute time span not too attentive to details. I go back and look through the app settings.

    Update: I went to the Help portion of the app and clicked borrow etc. It told me the length of borrow was determined by my library. Not me. Perhaps since my card is new, although I give money to the library and am on the mailing list, my last physical library card was long long ago. Maybe they have me in a short leash until I prove I can borrow and “return” books on time. Just guessing tho.

  3. The only Larson I haven’t yet read.
    Eager to hear your thoughts. He’s really an exceptional writer.

  4. See what else your library offers for online reading. I can’t recall the last time I bought a newspaper or a magazine. Too easy to get them on an iPad. Eliminates a lot of clutter, too.

  5. Thanks. I saw tons of magazines profiled. I suspect newspapers too. But under the gun to read this book in seven days, I’ll wait to check out other options next week.

  6. After seeing it mentioned here on your blog, I ordered it from evil Amazon for my kindle since we are going on vacay this Saturday. Also got a hardback for my history loving teenager. Seven days? Only if you drop everything else and devote yourself to it full-time. But I’m totally hooked and am only on page 25, so it’s possible. Seems like it’s going to be a great read.

  7. Have a great vacation!!! I’m going to call the Bedford Library and ask about the length of borrow.

  8. Great book. I was fighting the e-book thing until last year when I feared all the books would be sitting in libraries, with the librarians sitting at home and me left with nothing to read. I bought a tablet, signed up for Libby and haven’t looked back. I will still buy books for my shelf because we know what’s happening to history.
    If you are on Goodreads you should should be able to link it to Libby/your library to show availability in the system (but I don’t check them out that way).

  9. I have learned so much from you! and all your fans…
    Btw, I quit the green juices a while back, but i still like my name…lol

  10. How nice to know you have found The Splendid and The Vile in a jiffy! I’ll wager a bet that you will read it front to back in 3 days….maybe 4!

  11. I recently discovered Kanopy, an app that provides free streaming movies via your library membership. I just finished a Danish movie (a first for me), “Queen of Hearts”. Highly recommend. Vet it on Rotten Tomatoes.

  12. Agree with all that this is a good book, albeit somewhat depressing for the vile plot. Great history of the City of Chicago.

    Yesterday I took my wife to pickup a book she had ordered for a friend at probably one of the last remaining bookstores in Sarasota. It was a great place! Very nostalgic! We were the only customers there, oh dear!

    In browsing the ‘staff recommends’ shelves I saw The Art of Racing in the Rain. This is a truly fabulous book that I don’t think anyone can dislike, especially pet lovers. I listened to it years ago and had forgotten all about it, but I remembered it instantly upon seeing it. It was made into a not very good movie a few years ago as I recall. I didn’t see the movie after reading the reviews.

    There is also Born to Run, which just popped into my head. Same description. Great book and a true story this time. Also made into a not so good movie I never saw.

  13. I got my Erik Larson books mixed up. The Devil in the White City is the one with the depressing stuff about developing Chicago. Sorry… That is still a great book also, especially if you like history.

  14. Don’t get me started on the disappearing book stores. They are all gone from anywhere around me, some of the best independent book stores now out of business. I had to many choices back in the day and religiously bought books from many of them. I feel very guilty buying from Amazon but I still do it.

    I’m struggling to read this book on my iPad because I’m thinking there should be sound 🙃😵‍💫🤷🏻‍♀️ and of course there isn’t.

    Thanks for another good book recommendation. Never trust a person who doesn’t like dogs.

  15. I wonder how the app creator came up with the name Kanopy. Do you know?

    Speaking of names if things, one of the three channels I get is the History channel and I love their series Foods That Made America. I think I’ve seen the whole series but to my point, I learned how Forrest Mars named the candy m&m. Fascinating.

  16. On the Libby app after you click borrow, a screen comes up with a picture of your library card and a large red bar that says borrow! At the top of that screen in fairly faint letters it says “ You are borrowing (book name) for 7 days. Click on the 7 days and you get the option for 14 or 21 days. Try that on your next book or audio.

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