It’s 12 noon. Do You Know Where My Cablevision Techs Are?? UPDATED!

I sure as hell don’t. The Cablevision exec to whom I spoke on Friday night assured me I’d have technicians here BEFORE NOON today. Yes today, Sunday. Not happening.

UPDATE: A technician came at 1:30. Was here all of fifteen minutes. He checked the connections. Told me that missing channels was not his problem, it was something awry in the office and I need to contact them. 


And here I thought Friday’s phone call was the answer to my cable problems.

3 thoughts on “It’s 12 noon. Do You Know Where My Cablevision Techs Are?? UPDATED!

  1. Rabbit ears are the answer to all your cable problems. Sorry to be such a smart ass since I genuinely sympathize with your plight. Remember Lily Tomlin’s role as the Telephone Operator on Laugh In?
    You could contact the Consumer Protection division of the Attorney General’s office. Or, a TV station with a consumer advocate. Or, a major advertiser and let them know how much you used to enjoy their ads on the channels you can’t get.
    Meanwhile, take another look at streaming. It’s actually quite good.
    Wish I could listen in on your phone call tomorrow to the woman who was so helpful the other day. But, don’t be surprised when she hears who’s calling that she’s ‘out of the office’ until some time in October.

    1. I’m actually learning to do without tv!!!I’m looking at what fall classes are available at Fordham Westchester, SUNY Purchase, and Marymount, all three campuses within a stones throw of the apartment. I ordered two needlepoint canvases and got myself a new Bedford Library digital card.
      I’m exhausted talking about this stupid topic. I’m sure you readers are equally exhausted seeing post after post. It’ll be interesting indeed to have a conversation with the executive who called me Friday. Nothing she told me would happen today did. 💆🏻‍♀️💆🏻‍♀️

  2. I quite enjoy the saga. I’m amazed you persist. You’ve put Fauxcahontas to shame. What I think is most interesting about all this is the fact you pay them and they won’t give you what you pay for. You’d think in an era of Netflix they’d be moving heaven and earth to fix your issue. Instead you’re living a Kafkaesque theatre performance that for whatever reason I find absolutely captivating in its absurdity. Part of the lure is how you don’t seem to be getting the message that they’re subconsciously sending you : “we don’t want your money and we want you to stop bothering us”. Not having a TV myself, I’m also delighted to finally understand the meaning of the term “cable guy” when it is used derogatorily.

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