Food For Thought

My Old MacDonald has a farm and on his farm he has some…

>Zucchini and yellow squash… lots and lots and lots of those, so many that neighbors run away when they think Mr. EOS is going to offer them a handful…again!

Can you spy the squash?

>Corn, that the crows enjoy when they swoop in and eat the tops of the cobs.

>Gladiolas ready to bloom, beets, and snap peas.

>Peppers and tomatoes. The tomato plants are siblings, bought at the same time, from the same local nursery, yet are profoundly different. Go figure.

The garden, the bounty, and weeds, brings lots of joy to my man who is outstanding in his field.🥰

Rainy Sunday. While one of us picks garden harvest, the other of us waits for Cablevision today. Not sure how it happened that I got the short straw!

Have a great day.

7 thoughts on “Food For Thought

  1. Beautiful garden. As a Boston city dweller, I long for a plot of land to plant. I will say that Boston has several weekend farmers markets where I feel like I’ve picked my own lettuce and tomatoes. Do you have lettuce?

    1. Farmers markets are such a wonderful gift to city dwellers and such a help to farmers who can sell their produce.

      Yes, there’s lettuce although not doing well enough to harvest much more than a few leaves at a time.

  2. Do you remember when St. Matthews divvied up that huge field adjacent to the Glebe Land and allowed parishioners to plant personal gardens? Oh, my mother loved that and planted all sorts of vegetables. Me, being a typical tween, complained about the hours of weeding and picking. If only I could go back in time! What a lovely bounty you have! I hope you will let us know how you put it all to use. My dad would have made tomato and cucumber sandwiches. But I’m going to the farmers’ market this week and prepare a huge vat of gazpacho. Thanks for the inspiration!

    1. I do remember that. It was about the same time I learned what the word glebe meant. 😬 The then assistant, Heather Cook (who yikes ended up in jail!) gave me a vocabulary lesson. It was a new word to me.

      The tomatoes have been the most disappointing harvest and have been disappointing for a couple of years. My grandmother’s garden of tomatoes was so luscious we’d pick the tomatoes and eat them like apples. My personal favorite is a tomato sandwich on soft white bread (not toasted), slathered with Miracle Whip, never mayonnaise. Mmmmm.

      The summer eating is basically fresh caught fish and garden produce. The grocery bill is tonic for the gin. ✅

      1. My father would NEVER have used Miracle Whip. I don’t know why it’s so vilified? A friend introduced me to it mixed with tuna fish as a child and that’s still what I use. But Hellman’s is my usual go-to.
        Where do you get your fresh fish?

        1. I grew up with Miracle Whip as the default. Not sure why mom never bought Hellman’s. Because of that I can’t stand the taste of real mayonnaise. Although my southern friends tell me they only buy and use Duke’s mayonnaise and it’s head and shoulders better than Hellman’s.

          My farmer is also my old man in the sea fisherman.

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