Nope. No Can Do.

The apartment has taken a lot of getting used to and this combo is at the top of the list of the reasons why.

An electric stove top and a microwave above the stove.

Having cooked with gas for almost all my adult life, going backwards three steps to electric is like learning to walk. I’m still in the crawling phase.

The burners take forever to heat up and it’s all push buttons to make a burner hotter or cooler. No knob. And ask me what happens if you’re so used to leaving a pan on the burner when you’ve turned off the gas burner then remember, oops, this isn’t gas and the pan gets too hot.

That’s reason #7633689 we buy prepared meals at Wegman’s. Heat and eat. But my morning egg requires using the stove top. Maybe I buy microwaveable eggs or oatmeal? Or have Fruit Loops?!

Okay, I’ll figure it out. I can eventually get the hang of an electric cooktop but that microwave, again, no one thinks of short people. It’s counterintuitive to pull something down out of the microwave that’s scalding hot, even liquid like soup, that could spill on you. Microwaves should be counter height, although I’d love to know if anyone has one of those new fangled drawer microwaves where you drop food in and lift up. Are they good?

Mr. EOS is back in RI today and sent garden harvest pix that I’ll post tomorrow. He also bought himself a fishing skiff that’s really just right for checking the lobster traps and casting line for a few bass or blues. Those pix will come closer to mid week when he’s taken possession of it.

It got oppressively hot again today. I tried sitting outside among the other residents doing the same. That’s another learning curve for me in apartment living! 😵‍💫💆🏻‍♀️

UPDATE: In the comments section there was discussion about the beginnings of the above the stove microwave. Here’s a 1970s photo that I’d guess started the trend.

Also a photo of what I can best remember the only 1960s microwave I saw.

14 thoughts on “Nope. No Can Do.

  1. Buy a portable induction unit. You’ll be amazed by how quickly water boils in it. There’s a bit of a learning curve since changing from boil to low heat is instantaneous. All you need are induction ready pots which you probably have anyway. Life’s too short to wait for an electric cooktop to heat up. Induction is the best thing since canned beer.
    My microwave sits on its own shelf at the same level as an upper cabinet. Lower than it would be if it were above the stove but still a little higher than I’d like.

    1. I’ve thought about buying an induction unit but there’s so little counter space and outlets, I’d have to take it out and put it away every time I needed it. Grrr. The kitchen island is a nice size but it has no outlets in it. Bummer.

      1. Get one anyway. If you use it daily you won’t need to put it away. Unplug and leave atop the stove. Flip it up if you need more counter space. Think of apartment living as camping out.
        I hate those smooth top electric stoves but love the induction.

        1. Sounds like a plan. Thanks. And yes I’ve used induction cooking and loved it to the point that I almost ordered one for the renovated kitchen but ended up with a big 6 burner Viking gas cooktop. I had an old Thermador gas cooktop that I inherited from the previous owners. We’ve owned the house 20 years. It was time for an upgrade!

  2. We put in a drawer microwave last year when we renovated the kitchen. I didn’t like one sitting on the counter because we don’t have a lot of countertop to begin with. Pros and cons. Pros it isn’t on the counter. Cons it’s harder than you think. You have to navigate the sides of the drawer to reach in and lift out. Harder for our children to master. They preferred the counter top microwave where they could pull up a stool and wait for the frozen Mac and cheese to be done.

  3. The guy who came up with the idea to put a microwave, with their crappy under-powered exhaust fans (or worse-the recirculating ‘hair greaser’ that doesn’t exhaust to the outside), over every stove in America should have his head tied to the barn door tracks where it can be tested for durability. Repeatedly.
    As for the elec stove, I have completely destroyed the glass top with my wok, cast iron pans and by dragging pots. I also leave a crappy old pan around so that I can fill it with water and leave it on the burner because they give off heat long after use.
    And the friggin greendinistas want to, and have tried to, eliminate natural gas in some states for new builds.

    1. Would you guess the over the stove microwave was a 70s invention, about the same time as avocado appliances? It is stupid but I suppose it was designed as a modem space saver for the modern housewife.

      I didn’t grow up with a microwave in the house. As a matter of fact the first microwave I ever saw in person was a in the house of a growing up guy friend. I was still in high school so it was before 1966. It was a giant of a thing. I remember so well Edward’s mother telling us to stand back when it was on. 😵‍💫😵‍💫🥷🏻🥷🏻 Yikes.
      I never had one until our first Bedford house and even then I only used it to burn popcorn. And you know how burned microwave popcorn stinks the house. The one I have now is nice, a Breville, although it thinks it’s smarter than I and probably is.

      Do t get me started on NY banning fracking. When states do get around to banning natural gas, added to NY’s wisdom of closing a nuclear power plant, ConEdison and NYSEG will be laughing all the way to the bank!!

      1. Many family members worked for Raytheon. Mom went to work there after the last kid entered jr high, and within about a year I think we owned a behemoth Radar Range from Amana (owned by Raytheon?).
        I think we tried all kinds of crap in it but I don’t think anything was very good.
        I only use them for reheating and even then I hate it. Popcorn is their only positive.

        1. Raytheon was a great company to work for. My (late) first cousin was a structural engineer and he did a ton of contractual work for them and often flew to RI. I don’t think he got a microwave tho. Darn.

  4. A thought for your new kitchen.
    Our microwave is on a shelf I can reach in our pantry. Close by but out of sight and doesn’t take up valuable counter real estate.
    I know that’s no help now, however.

    1. Yes, That’s under consideration. I’ve never had a pantry before and now that I’m getting one, we did talk about putting the microwave in there.

  5. I too, hate those glass top stoves. Buy a nonstick electric frypan or small griddle. Voila! Bacon and eggs, pancakes and french toast for breakfast, grilled cheese for lunch, veal cutlets and fish filets for dinner! Bibi

  6. Ahh, contrarian point of view here. If you have to have electric then the glass tops are so incredibly superior to the old circular element type. Amazingly easy to clean. I mean no contest. Spray & wipe. With the old style you have burners and insets and plugs & all sorts of very difficult to degrease things. I will never, ever put up with an old style electric cooktop again. This is not debating gas vs electric, only electric & the smooth top wins hands down.

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