A Yes And No Game

HGTV has done a number on interior design. And it’s a number two. I think it started with Chip and Joanna Gaines making every interior door a barn door!

Yes: An actual barn door on a barn! ✅✅

Big no. No no no no. Not now. Not later. Never. Interior sliding barn doors don’t have a lower track so when a wind blows the doors bang against the wall. There’s no way to lock them. There’s no real privacy in, let’s say, a bathroom. Kids get their hands caught slamming them closed.

I repeat. No no no. Just say no to interior barn doors. I get the thought process. It’s the execution that’s nonsensical.

Baptismal fonts? Yes.

Vessel sinks? Someone please tell me how this got to be a good thing? No. No no. No. No.

These are plates people. Dishes. Not sinks.

This is my mothers 1960s Corning Ware casserole dish.

It’s all a personal choice. You do what you want in your house and if interior barn doors and vessel sinks float your boat, gopher it. Me? I like doors with handles that close. Even a pocket door is better than a sliding barn door. But I must be in the minority because every HGTV renovation program I see (correction, every HGTV renovation program I SAW when I had all my Cablevision channels!) the hosts are excitedly installing barn doors and the owners are oohing and aaahing over the concept. Oh well. Cast your vote. Yes or no for barn doors and vessel sinks.

Speaking of vessels, we went all out replacing the everyday dishes that got packed up in the move. Don’t be jealous!

10 thoughts on “A Yes And No Game

  1. We bought a new house three months ago. It had two interior barn doors, one into the family room and one into the kitchen pantry. We lived with them less than a month before paying dearly to rip them out, reframe the entrances, hang real doors. Sliding barn doors are the invention of Satan.

    I vote no for above counter sinks too. Ugly as sun.

    1. Oh dear. I can only imagine the cost. As you said, it’s not just taking out the barn door. It’s completely reframing the space. What specifically was it about the barn doors that had you tear them out? Just curious.

  2. Ha, pushing barn doors as attractive by the likes of HGTV is some seriously delusional stuff.
    I only wish I had them as a kid (the farm I worked on for 9 summers didn’t have them) so I could test my little brother’s durability.
    Love your take on kitchenware sinks, whenever I see them I wonder where the salad tongs go.

    1. Isn’t that what little brothers are for anyway, to test their durability?

      Salad tongs and cashew nuts. One “sink” looks exactly like a mahogany bowl my mother served nuts in at cocktail parties!

  3. My pile of those exact Dixie Ultra plates and bowls is bigger than your stack of Dixie Ultra plates and bowls 🤣
    I stock up when they’re buy one get one half off.

    1. I bow to you, 👸🏻Queen of Dixie Ultra!! Where do you find BOGO offer?? Costco?

      I find only Target carries them with regularity. Shoprite and StopnShop is hit or miss.

  4. How do you clean out the crud that will inevitably build up in the impossible-to-reach area where the bowl meets the vanity top surface, especially underneath the transparent bowls where you’re looking right down at it? Must get pretty yucky after a while. What’s to be done? Toothpicks? Maybe a job for one of those high pressure steam cleaner thingies I used to see in infomercials on late night TV back in the days when I could manage to stay awake that late.

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