🎵It’s My Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To🎵


Leave it to foreign press to get the best photos of the Obamapalooza 60th Birthday Bash preparations.

The Daily Mail is on point with the story and photos of the “scaled back” event. It’s well worth a look at the link. Many more photos than I posted here!

Look, let me say upfront, I don’t give a rats ass how many people Barack invited to his birthday party. But the fact is the size of the party got leaked out, so in true Obama fashion, he lied and said he’d cut back the guest list to just close friends. Malarkey.

Show me who he told wasn’t coming and how that phone call went down. Didn’t happen that’s why. No one got cut.

John Legend and Chrissy Tiegan, (I stand corrected, it’s TEIGEN) with children and dog. And a whole lotta luggage!! How long are they staying?? A month?

Hunter Biden’s ex wife Kathleen got invited? And Hunter’s daughter Finnegan too? They are close friends of Barack’s? Color me doubtful.

John Kerry has a house on the Vineyard but he had to fly in? It’s August and he wasn’t at the house now? Silly me, he has so many other houses from which to choose.

The mask effort is for cameras only.

Stephen Colbert, of course. All the Hollywood types are invited. Clooney. Oprah. With Oprah you get Gayle King.

The menu is a hoot. Lots of fake meat!

From the Daily Mail article:

The menu is said to include Spam Musubi made with plant-based faux-beef and faux-pork and Eat Just’s plant based eggs.

Cheesesteak Eggrolls made with Impossible ‘beef’ and ‘cheese sauce,’ from Perfect Day Inc will also be offered.

But for those wanting a real taste of what the Vineyard can offer DailyMail.com has learned that there will also be stations with oyster shuckers to provide the best of the cape’s fresh shellfish.

The plus side of this event- lots of locals are employed. Lots of venues are making big money catering to the party.

I want to know tho, who is staying where? How far in advance was the invitation extended so that celebs could rent houses? I don’t suppose Chrissy Tiegan (TEIGEN) is going to stay at the HarborView Hotel. Kathleen Biden staying with John Kerry?

Finally, for me the big question is, are all these celebs going to use porta potties? Now that’s a photo I’d like to see.


  1. The Vineyard Gazette has hidden the story about Obama and the birthday party. Got that? They moved it from any easy view, to a tertiary page about “recent stories”. Did Gazette owner Nancy Kohlberg go to the party and decide her newspaper shouldn’t highlight the story since she was there? Whatever the reasoning, it’s downright repugnant. The comments stopped being approved on August 4, so the editors got in all the “We Love Obama” comments and tossed aside any/all negative ones. Bad.
  2. I couldn’t resist inserting this meme. So funny!! And true.

17 thoughts on “🎵It’s My Party and I’ll Lie If I Want To🎵

  1. I think they needed an especially large tent so the “very close friends” can maintain 10 feet of distance from one another.

  2. Every photo I’ve seen of attendees are, imho, bottom feeders. Chrissy Tiegan?? I’d need to be 100’ away from anyone of them.
    The DM article shows there’s now a no fly zone over the house. How does that happen? Who makes the decision? It’s a private party at a private residence. Yes he’s a former president but do all former presidents who host a private party get a no fly zone clearance? I don’t think so.

  3. I like the typo in the Daily Mail caption for Kerry. Presidential enjoy. Hardly. Nothing to enjoy about that dude.

    How many CNN and MSNBC anchors will attend? NYT, WaPo editors. All close friends.

  4. Ha. I didn’t even notice the typo. Good eye!
    I laughed that Kerry walked off his private plane wearing a mask. What a joke he is. Do you think the person deplaning in front of Lurch is the former Mrs. Heinz?

  5. Right, Lurch only wears masks on private jet flights. Theater.
    Mucho kudos by the way on your brilliant headline!

  6. I don’t know 500 people and I doubt Barack does either. These folks aren’t his friends, some social Secretary sat down and penned a list of democrats who helped him win and who’ve stayed loyal to his “causes”.

  7. Good point. I don’t think I could come up with 50 people to come to a birthday bash. 5 maybe, tops.

  8. Good thing the party is not on Nantucket. The airport has shut down all services to private aircraft from Friday afternoon until Monday morning b/c of staff shortages. And last weekend there was no fuel available for privates.

  9. Wouldn’t that have been a riot!

    Note tho, from our RI perch, we see tons of private planes circling above and presumably landing at small regional airports on RI and MA coastline, then those poor schlubs who can’t land their jets at ACK are transported by boat to continue their summer without much hoi polloi interaction. Phew.

  10. You’re obviously clueless. You’ve blatantly and racistly misspelled sweet darling Mrs. Legend’s last name. Get a grip or else she’ll threaten you on Twitter.
    It’s TEIGEN.

  11. A thousand pardons. Mea culpa. I’ll jump right on it to correct. She is a sweet darling. In hell. 😎

  12. It was easy actually. THE 500 people who would gladly eat that faux food crap were the only ones invited.

  13. I love the ‘sustainable’ food BS to go along with the global warming BS.
    Global warming ended the day Barry bought an island in the Atlantic!

  14. I’ve never had faux meat and if I were a cattle rancher I’d fight tooth and nail to force these Impossible types to not use the word meat. How can they use the word meat when there’s no meat in it? It’s like calling Oat Milk milk when it’s not.

  15. Sustainable = virtue signaling. And have you ever read an Impossible ingredient list? Nothing virtuous about it.

  16. I have read the Impossible ingredients. 🧐. I’m old school. If I order meat from a menu I want it to be meat. How hard is that?

  17. Exactly, the carbon footprint of putting that science experiment crap together far exceeds anything normals are consuming.

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