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Over the lifespan of this blog I’ve talked at least a dozen times about coffee – coffee brands, coffee makers, bean grinders – you name it, we’ve talked about it here.

The movers may have hastily packed up all my dishes and put them in storage but that’s an easy fix.

Take my coffee and coffee makers, you got a fight on your hands.

I currently have two coffee brewing options. My Breville coffee maker, review meh, and the latest iteration of the Keurig Mini, the K Mini Supreme, or some other silly name, that, let’s face it, doesn’t BREW coffee, it makes brown water quickly. But there are plenty of days when we’re both heading out and only want one cup, quickly.

I’m mostly a grind whole beans daily and brew kind of gal. That habit came from my days on the Vineyard with a roommate who had a bean grinder and a stove top Chemex drip coffee maker. Consequently, I haven’t been without a bean grinder since the 1970s, and by bean grinder I mean a simple and inexpensive spice grinder, not one of the fancy machines dedicated to chewing up beans and spitting out grounds.

I have no recollection of what brand of whole beans I bought back then or where I bought them but with all the real hippies on the Vineyard in the 70s, trustafarians too, I am sure there were country stores with whole beans.

At some point I exclusively bought and ground Starbucks Breakfast Blend but I stopped that when Starbucks when horribly woke and for a long time my Mount Kisco Starbucks didn’t ever have Breakfast Blend. I’m a creature of habit.

Fast forward and I got into a Black Rifle Coffee whole bean groove. Their Gunship and Thin Blue Line beans taste great to me. My last order from them I mistakenly ordered ground coffee and haven’t been able to pawn it off on anyone yet!

At Wegman’s the other day I poked around in their coffee aisle. What the heck I said, and I grabbed two bags of beans based on nothing. I have no idea if they’ll be any good. Impulse buy. I got a Wegman’s House Blend and a fair trade brand I’ve never heard of.

I passed on the bag that was chocolate, orange, and apple. 🤷🏻‍♀️

For the Keurig, I usually have Black Rifle’s Thin Blue Line pods but with the move I didn’t order any more. I default to a shelf with Starbucks, DunkinDonuts, and GreenMountain pods. Indistinguishable IMHO. There’s zero actual coffee taste to the pods.

As for the Breville, I bought it in haste when my beloved and long lived Cuisinart thermal carafe coffee maker died. She just rolled over and said she was done. Of course of course of course, Cuisinart DISCONTINUED that model and the replacements got horrible reviews. The Breville brews too quickly I think. And despite having a thermal carafe, the coffee in the carafe gets lukewarm quickly. With the Cuisinart the coffee in the carafe stayed hot for hours!

So that’s my long take of coffee. Who uses what to brew? And grounds or whole beans? As Linda said, Tawk Amongst Yourselves. 

It’s finally a gorgeous sunny Friday. No plans as of yet. Have a good one.

13 thoughts on “Coffee Talk

  1. Oh, boy. You HAVE to meet Gideon. It’s like listening to his twin. He researched (or professional researcher Anthony did) and decided upon Breville. Gideon buys whole beans, of course, and the machine grinds them every morning. Gideon threatens to send the machine back almost daily due to mechanical issues. I just enjoy the best coffee ever, every morning. He likes Aux Delices beans (tried Black Rifle, but weren’t swayed and why AGAIN did the owner talk to NYT?). We both take it black. I’m good with one cuppa but when Gideon feels like coffee later in the day, he’ll occasionally fire up the Nespresso. I don’t know how to operate either, so when he’s away, I drink black Chameleon cold brew.

    1. Gideon’s coffee maker has a built in bean grinder? I had one of those and hated it because the machine determined how many beans to grind to make whatever strength I had chosen. To say I’m particular in measuring the newly ground beans into the filter is an understatement. The right measuring scoop is also imperative.
      I’ve never tried Aux Délices beans. Seen them but never chose to buy it.

      Very good question about the Black Rifle CEO NYT interview. What was he thinking?
      Hotels we stay in seem to prefer the Nepresso. Lucky you to have an at-home barista.

  2. Mr. Prowl and I are devotees of our Jura Capresso Impressa S9 – we have had it for 13 years and it is still going strong. Now that I’ve said that, it will break, and I’ve been told that we hold the world record for longevity. When it breaks, we will have to get a new one because they don’t make or even service this model anymore. You can peruse these machines on – they have great selection and service. Juras are wildly expensive, but totally worth it. There is a big hopper for whole beans (we love Lavazza Super Crema) and a big water reservoir. You push a button and the thing grinds, tamps, extrudes and produces a glorious cup of coffee with crema on top, like European coffee or coffee house brew. Much more robust than filter coffee. Because of the capacity, you aren’t constantly having to refill water or beans, and cleaning is simple – it tells you on the screen if it needs a new filter or cleaning. Cleaning = dropping in a tablet and pushing a button. The Jura is second only to the cats in my hierarchy of needs.

    1. I’ve never seen a Jura in person, or should I say, none of my good friends owns one. I hear they are fabulous! 13 years!!! Incredible. I feel lucky to get 13 months out of any new machine these days.
      Thanks for the great review!

  3. Mine is similar to Ali’s but it is a DeLonghi super automatic, it grinds the beans, tamps & produces the coffee. It also cleans itself by running hot water through the tubes before and after. Makes very good, hot coffee, one or two cups at a time. I am supposed to use medium roast, as darker roasts supposedly gum up the works. I have been using Trader Joe’s Joe medium roast whole bean. It is pretty tasty.

    1. You all are far more advanced than I. Dumb question but is your DeLonghi hooked up to a water source such that it can call up hot water to clean itself??

      1. It is not hooked up to the water. It has a large tank that I fill, that it uses for both making the coffee, then swooshing the hot water thru the tubes. This self cleaning feature was the one that sold me on it. In addition to the tamping. I figure I don’t want to have to apply all the pounds of pressure tamping requires. The built in grinder might mean something will go first, either the grinder or the main part. So far so good. It is two & half years old.

  4. I am not a coffee drinker. Never have been, never will be. Started in on the post and after two sentences I realized – this is what it must feel like for a nun to read the Joy of Sex. So, I’ll confess I skipped it – clearly relevant to so many, but not to me!

    1. You’re not alone. I know a handful of people who don’t drink coffee and never have. Maybe it’s a generational thing? What age group are you in? Coffee for old farts was as much a social pastime as it was for the caffeine. My grandmother often invited friends over in the afternoon. It was coffee and pie. Not water and pie. Coffee and pie. And damn she made the best coffee. And the best pie too.

      1. Born during the malaise era. I think coffee is popular among under 50s but perhaps not so widely popular as it was then. I find the people who like it are into it quite heavily and those who aren’t, aren’t. I see the point about pie. Those were the days – socializing in person! And on a weekday afternoon! I think there is some correlation between that and our current social ills. I don’t specifically mean women but all in-person social activity. I recall my grandfather had coffee in a flask for fishing expeditions.

        1. I agree that if you go to any fancy coffee shop you’ll seen lots of under 50 but imho they’re not drinking old fashioned coffee. They are drinking coffee beverages, all glopped up with flavorings and whipped cream. They do seem to socialize by today’s standards, texting a joke other and taking Instagram reels.

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