A Ray of Hope??

Just now, 8:30pm, I got a call from senior management at Cablevision aka Optimum aka Altice. Incredibly nice woman who was told by my building management (that’s interesting) that my service was not working.

She’s sending a crew here this Sunday before noon. She gave me her direct line. She’ll follow up with me Monday. And she’s waiving all charges to my bill. Yay me!!

She’s worked at Cablevision 24 years and during our conversation, she asked if I wanted a part time job at Cablevision. I laughed but hey, free cable for life as a perk?

It’s unlikely that on Sunday my missing tv channels will magically reappear and I don’t know what this crew will uncover that five other crews have not, but I told the executive I was more than happy to open my door Sunday.

If nothing else I have the name and number of someone who is familiar with the issue and promised to oversee the problem until resolved. That’s really all I can ask.

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