Make It Stop!

Our Bedford landline is forwarded into my cell phone for the duration of our temporary relocation and with so many tradesmen and cable technicians calling me, I can’t use the tab to silence calls from unknowns.

Just in the last ten minutes, four (now five/now six) spoof calls have chimed in from fake 234 numbers, all are junk, leaving voicemail messages that “a $700 charge to my Amazon account has been posted and I need to press one to reverse the charge” or “I’m a customer care rep, thank you”

One call after the other. I have to assume these calls are to my own 234 number and not directly into my cell but honestly, I don’t know how one tells if a call is direct or forwarded. Anyone?

One call came in when I was composing the blog post!

Such a TOTAL pain!!! Another one now. That’s SEVEN spam calls in a half hour.

One of the complications is I’m not AT my physical landline where I can block the number from there. I can (and did) block each number on my iPhone but if the calls are incoming to my landline forwarded, blocking it on my iPhone is useless? Yes?

Another two calls. Another two voice mails. Back to back to back. Insane!

10 thoughts on “Make It Stop!

  1. A government that wants to run elections electronically can’t even stop this crap. It’s like the global warming scammers: show me you can do something like, say, clean up the Pacific, then maybe I’ll believe you can clean the whole Earth.
    I learned many years ago when dialing for dollars as a stockbroker, the worst thing someone can do to you is waste your time. Although Mrs Madolf HATES when I do this, I love chatting up ‘Joe Smith’ from Bangalor. I never answer their questions directly like “How are you doing today sir.” I pretend to be hard of hearing. I even once got a guy to admit he wasn’t calling from CA because I complained that starting a business relationship with a lie was “bery bad.”
    Right now though, the highest volume of calls is from all cash home buyers, but they’re no fun because the caller is just some poor kid calling on someone else’s behalf.

  2. I like to engage with them sometimes like this:

    The caller will have a heavy Indian accent but say his name is Michael.

    I say “Michael? Michael! My wife left me for a guy named Michael, and you sound just like him! You dirty son-of-a-bitch! How dare you call me – this is an outrage!!”

    The dude usually pleads “No! No! Not me!” and then I hang up.

    It’s fun.

    1. I’m soooooogoubg to try a version if this. Maybe with the Optimum guys, **after** I get the full credit I’m asking for!

  3. Scam calls to my home phone have declined greatly in the past few week. I have nomo robo which is working pretty well. Here’s the funny thing. My cell phone, to which very, very few contacts know the number, is getting a bunch of unknown caller calls lately. The last one actually asked that I call back with personal information so they wouldn’t have to proceed with the legal case.
    When we sold our last house I arranged for the telephone number to be transported to a cheap cellphone with a low monthly charge. Kept it active for a couple of years, too.

    1. My Verizon landline catches a surprisingly big number of spam calls. The caller ID now even says either “Potential spam” or Spam?” I never answer the landline unless it’s someone I know and immediately block any obvious spoof 234 number.

      I’ve heard of nomo robo. What exactly does it do? How does it work?

      1. I have Comcast for home phone. Nomo robo somehow identifies robo calls and disconnects them after one ring. Easy to set up as I recall. I don’t answer any calls from a number I don’t recognize. That’s what voice mail is for.

        1. You do realize by admitting you too have a landline, you’ve admitted you’re old!! We’re fewer and fewer in numbers who want or have a landline.

  4. Remember back in the day BCP (before cell phones) when you would come home and the first thing you would do is run to your answering machine to see if there were any blinkers. Messages! The first message was always some idiot with slow speech would leave a 12 minute message about coming over Saturday, no maybe Sunday, no it might be Saturday and they are going to bring potato salad and then after the message you weren’t really sure who it was and why they were coming to your house.

    Then a message from your mother-in-law, then a wrong number, and your excitement was dead.

    I do miss the clarity of an old wired phone, you could hear every breath, every inflection crystal clear. One night when I was in high school I fell asleep talking to my girlfriend and when I woke up both phones were still off the hook and line was open. I could hear her snoring. She was my first love – should have married her. Oh well.

    Now I’m an old linguine. Speaking of pasta, if anyone out there buys spaghetti sauce in a jar I will ask EOS and Chris to ban you for life. I started making sauce from scratch and I am a new creature. Delicious!

    Good night.

    1. *Pre*-answering machine days were the best and honestly I don’t remember when I got my first answering machine. Could it have been as late as the early 1980s?? I know answering machines weren’t integrated then, or at least we only had an add-on answering machine.

      My first phone was in the mid 1960s, a pink Princess phone in my room. I talked endlessly to girlfriends (and boyfriends) and the clarity of the voice I heard was my father telling me to get off the phone and do some homework. I should have listened to him!!

      What I miss the most about old landlines was the ability to slam down the receiver in huff. Take that!! Slam.

      Uh oh. Even this eyetalian buys jarred spaghetti sauce. Rao’s. I love making my own, for sure, and do when I have a big family gathering. Hot Italian sausage plays a big role in my sauce. Tons of garlic too. Mmmmm.

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