Fact: I Have The Best Neighbor

One of the many considerations we weighed in the Renovate versus Move debate was knowing we could never replicate good neighbors like we have now. Not just our immediate next door neighbors, but so many on the street are just solid folk.

The spamathon continues, now up to 44 (and counting) calls, each leaving a message, since 1:21pm, all with a spoofed 234 prefix and different last four digits. I TRIED, in vain, to undo the call forwarding from the My Verizon app. Good luck with that.

I COULD hop in the car and run to Bedford and do it, but I thought maybe calling Verizon, they could do it remotely. I repeat, good luck with that. I got Pakistani Pete who after 20 minutes said he was still trying. Meanwhile at least 10 calls came in that time.

The kids are all away on vacations in other parts of the country. So I called my next door neighbor. We have each other’s front door keys and know alarm codes etc, so she’s over there now, pressing *73 to undo the call forwarding.

What a good friend. What a good neighbor. Reasons #1-100 why we thought staying in Bedford was the right move.

Verizon said blocking the incoming number on my iPhone is useless. I thought so. What could have caused such a flurry of spoofed calls I don’t know. It was frustrating as hell.

It’s quiet now. No more forwarded calls and I think we’ll keep it that way. Anyone who needs me knows my cell phone. The spoofers can call the landline all they want now. No message machine on. Ha ha ha.

Not kidding about the nonstop calls. This is but a few. Funny though, simultaneous to getting a spam call forwarded from my landline, Verizon, the 855 number, called on my cell looking for a review of my customer service interaction. (see 2:56pm) 😂😂




10 thoughts on “Fact: I Have The Best Neighbor

    1. More likely the R fundraising list, all of whom I’ve blocked.

      The rookie mistake I made, a doozie, was picking up the first 234 call. As I said I get calls from tradespeople etc w/regards to the renovation so I can’t silent unknown callers. Moot point anyway as those calls couldn’t be silenced on my iPhone because they weren’t initially ringing here. Big circle jerk of hassle. Over and done now.

    1. Yes yes and yes! Our children grew up together. We gather as friends and neighbors often. They adore my big new American flag pole and have had one of their grandchildren come over to help raise it and say the Pledge!

  1. My family and I are moving from the most wonderful street in all of Greenwich. We have the best neighbors, and our little slice of town is idyllic. My family and I faced a similar dilemma as you, and we decided to move. My husband and I determined that buying and renovating our current rental home, moving out for at least a year to make the updates, would just be too much for our family…in time, stress and cost. We bought a newer, beautiful home nearby, and I should be so excited for this new phase for our family.

    However, since the day we signed on the dotted line, I have regretted the decision. I don’t think a bigger, grander house will bring my family happiness. You made the right one, and I wish you good luck! Life’s decisions can be so hard.

    1. Thanks for your lovely comment and story. For sure there’s no one size fits all answer in life, especially when it comes to moving. I totally 10000% get the “stress, time, and cost” aspect of your decision and I truly hope that as time passes you’ll grow to love your new home. Believe me when I tell you we agonized over our decision so much I saw gray hairs growing daily. We have a long haul before we move back, so “time, stress, and cost” weighs heavily on us too.
      Thanks again for sharing your story.

  2. I would wager that the flurry of spam calls is from your neighbor who is ticked that you are not at home…What are great neighbors for?

    1. 😂😂 I was in Bedford today but didn’t get a chance to swing by the house to scroll through how many more calls came through after the call forwarding feature was turned off. I bet a ton!
      It says that robocall if only needs yo accept that one call was answered then bam, the rush is on.
      I’d like yo know what the spam/spoofers get out of this. It was only the first call that had an actual decipherable message, “your Amazon account was charged $700”. The rest of the barrage was either unintelligible or truncated. Who pays for the system that robo dials and who pays for the ability for the numbers last four digits to change? And what’s the pernt of robo calling at all unless the message is clear and can scam granny?

        1. Excellent and informative article. I figured it had to be lucrative somehow. I’m guessing the porkalooza infrastructure bill has no money in it to stop robocallers?

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