There Are Still Amazingly Good People on this Earth!

There’s a new book out now written by Melissa Shapiro, a veterinarian in Westport CT, about her blind and deaf pink puppy named Piglet. It’s a great story of survival and love, about fitting in despite so many odds against you.

Melissa seems to be the absolute perfect person to have Piglet. Her home has six other rescued dogs, and beyond giving all these dogs homes in a pack, Melissa is using the book as a learning tool for children and adults with disabilities. She calls it The Piglet Mindset. So gloriously wonderful!

Here’s a YT video of a recent interview on a CT TV channel. Watch all six minutes……Bring a kleenex.

Fo those of you who have been around my blog since the beginning, 2010, yes, 2010, I shared photos and a couple of stories about OUR blind and deaf rescue. MacDougal, who we called Mac.

It was back then, two days before Christmas, Mac went out to go to the bathroom but didn’t come back. It was snowing and had snowed the night before. White small dog. White snow mounds. Not a good scenario. We were on our way out the door to a neighborhood cocktail party and fretted he’d get lost or freeze while we were out so one of us stayed home and the other went to the party.

Hours went by. No Mac. No way to find him other than gathering all our friends and neighbors for an old fashioned search party. We put up posters on telephone polls. Nothing. No one could find Mac. We feared he was killed by a coyote.

Christmas Day came, still no Mac, and we were heading into the city to meet up with family. I had put my cell phone on the posters and about 3pm Christmas Day we got a call from someone who lived a good 3-4 miles from our house who found Mac and took him in. I swear we all started sobbing. Big ugly crying, happy Mac was found.

He didn’t live much longer after that. he was old when we rescued him but I think the trauma of being blind and deaf AND lost was too much for him to bear.

But, not too long after losing Mac, Dawg came into our lives. Now she’s gone too but it’s wonderful to live vicariously through Dr. Shapiro and Piglet. Good good people.

10 thoughts on “There Are Still Amazingly Good People on this Earth!

  1. I’ve met Dr. Shapiro through Westport family. She’s as genuine in person as the interview video conveys. We met her before she became mom to Piglet but was well loved in town for her connection to pets.

    1. So glad to hear that about her. Thanks for telling me. As I said in the first paragraph, Dr. Shapiro was the perfect match for Piglet to thrive.

  2. I don’t do Twitter or Facebook but as a big dog lover I do have an Instagram account and I only follow owners of dogs and dogs, because you’re nobody unless your dog has an IG account. My favorite dog account is @WeRateDogs.

    1. She’s in a pretty box. At the house. We tucked the box away in a safe place during the renovation, in a room that’s not being renovated.

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