Self Portrait

You’d THINK a simple move out of our house during a renovation and into a brand new apartment complex would be easy.

You would be wrong.

Still no resolution to the Cablevision problem, even with two men here for over an hour from the contractor company who wired the building during construction. They have no idea why I can’t get channels.

The management of this building doesn’t seem to exist. You can’t actually find out who the Property Manager is. You can’t call the management directly. If you call the main number you get a third party off-site answering service that doesn’t actually forward messages. Fun fun fun.

But that’s not even the Old Dog New Tricks part that’s tough for me. It’s an all new lifestyle. House versus apartment. It’s all new grocery stores. I learned yesterday that if I want to strike up a drug deal, I do it in the parking garage of the White Plains StopnShop. Right there, plain as day, a transaction was going down. No one blinked.

I’ve been going to White Plains since I moved to Bedford in the 1980s. It’s always been a rough city, lots of crime, lots of welfare housing, homelessness, drug deals, you name it. When the kids were little we as a family volunteered at a men’s halfway home near Martine Avenue. In those days citizens were allowed to prepare and bring food to the men, which we did, and we’d sit with them and dine with them. It was a good experience for the children and the men appreciated the home cooked meals. Even back then we were not comfortable leaving White Plains in the dark.

I can’t imagine entering WP after dark now, even as close as the StopnShop. Yes the Wegman’s is next door but my shopping is less highbrow and StopnShop is perfect for the basics. I miss my Shoprite too.

Will I survive? Of course, and I get it, in the scope of life my issues are not issues at all, just minor inconveniences. But so much change at one time is far harder than I expected.

The next step for my cable problem? Call Verizon?

7 thoughts on “Self Portrait

  1. Why not take advantage of the illegally-reinstated Marxist moratorium on evictions and do a rent strike? That should get the attention of the property manager. To say nothing of endearing yourself to leftists back home.

    1. Coincidently, hubby said the same thing. Two great minds thinking alike!! Food for thought although it’s just not my nature. I’d never be able to pull that Marxist crap off.

  2. If you can get Verizon’s FIOS there, it’s likely an upgrade over Optimum, even if the latter worked.

    1. I can get Verizon FIOS. The “management” agrees with your assessment, that Verizon is better and told me the building has a Verizon liaison who can handle the request for service. I’m very very very close to calling. I’d have to keep the email at Optimum since all my illegal aliases are hosted by them. Gotta stay two steps ahead of the law.

      1. That’s a good point I hadn’t thought about. When I made the change I immediately lost my optimum email account. I’d hoped to get it back when I had to change back to Optimum (because of a move), but no luck. Oddly, even though I no longer have any Verizon service, my email still works.

      2. I wonder, since you are in a new building (I think), if this has anything to do with unions since I assume Verizon is union and your building was union built?
        Either way, to really get the shit storm brewing, how about a big ole DISH?

        1. I got an email late today from the head of maintenance. The crew here told him they were unsuccessful. He understands the frustration and said he now has to escalate the issue to higher up peeps. This guy is very nice, seems genuinely interested in getting the problem fixed but it still begs the question of how senior management isn’t on top of this. It’s mind numbing so many tenants complain but no one person has solve it??

          I’d love to illegally hang a dish.

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