Interesting, But Probably Meaningless

Sooooo, the very very very Left NYAG Letitia James announced today her office investigation into Cuomo says he’s guilty of harassment.

My money says Andy will say “this is a big nothing burger, see you in court, good luck proving it” and he’ll continue as governor. He’s that well connected. He’s that underhanded to pay off anyone who might speak out against him.

My other two cents says Letitia James wants to be governor so her breaking news is politically motivated.

Do I think Cuomo is guilty? Yes. Do I think he ought to resign? Yes. Do I think Cuomo’s bigger offense is killing so many seniors? Yes. But the DOJ has already ruled out looking into nursing home deaths in New York. So perhaps this lesser crime is what’ll bring him down.

I only want one thing once Cuomo is out of office. Return the name Tappan Zee to the bridge. Please.

PS: From the wayback machine> Ha ha.


9 thoughts on “Interesting, But Probably Meaningless

  1. If he does topple, it does say something about NYS political leadership that it was over a pat on the bum and pressuring comments to a handful of women versus killing 8,000 innocent elderly. The AG is not to be trusted given she got herself elected on the basis of a witch hunt to look for any possible crime for which she could charge T. Would not put a lot of stock in this report or her efforts.

  2. I love when old Twits come back to bite people in the ass (even though that itself constitutes more sexual aggression).
    Nothing ever happens to these scumbags, but I do love when they get beaten over the head with this stuff. Certainly makes seeing Fredo on tv (not mentioning it) entertaining,
    OT, but do you plan on doing a write up about the Jeopardy host?

    1. What, did I miss the announcement about the new permanent Jeopardy host????? I’ve been gone all day. Do tell.

  3. Geraldo Rivera made a good point on The Five, saying the document of charges Letitia James released is not a legal indictment. If Cuomo chooses not to resign, which I’m sure he won’t, he’ll have to be impeached or wait for a true indictment. Gutfeld added to be careful what you wish for with a Cuomo resignation. Letitia James is farther left than DeBlasio.

  4. EOS redux redux. Great.

    I am in with Mike Richards for Jeopardy. By far he has the most knowledge of how it all works, and how to keep it going. I am a fan of his enthusiasm and lack of personal agenda to “Hey, look at me, I’m hosting Jeopardy.”

    1. Wow, Bibi and Earth Image!! What a day. Are you chiming in from Peru?

      Mike Richards was indeed very good. I wouldn’t be disappointed at all if he got the call. It would be a logical choice and would eliminate the Buzzy versus Ken versus LeVar versus Mayim debates.

      Hope this finds your family well.

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