I Haven’t Gotten My Invitation Yet. Have You?

Barack is celebrating 60 years as a oppressed black man by hosting upwards of 700 people at his sprawling home on Martha’s Vineyard.

But never fear, I read the party will have an on-site COVID coordinator. Phew.

The Vineyard Gazette hasn’t chimed in on this event which in itself is telling and sad. Had this been a Republican ex president, oh, maybe Trump, hosting, The Gazette would lead with this story.

The real question is: Will Jake Tapper call it a super spreader event? IMW2K.

How many private jets will fly into MVY for this? All the Green New Deal peeps for sure.

Bottom line, it’s a fact: The Dem party is Rules For Thee but Not for Me

12 thoughts on “I Haven’t Gotten My Invitation Yet. Have You?

  1. This ‘event’ (even more so than say Chicago’s Lallapalooza) epitomizes everything that is wrong with the ‘elite’s’ narrative: throwing a huge bash during a pandemic, on an island while the seas are rising, being attended by people traveling from all over the world on private jets.
    I’d say it’s blindness but it’s not because here’s how these people really think:

    1. Wasn’t it a couple years ago that one of Obama’s sainted daughters was at Lallapalooza, and had her picture taken smoking something that vaguely resembled not a Marlboro???

      I saw that Greenwald tweet – someone on Instagram posted it to their feed, might have been DJTjr. Not sure.

      I’ve said this here and elsewhere many times before: it wasn’t until
      Trump became President that I was aware how deep the swamp is. McFaul is buried deep. Incredible that he “apologized”. 🤦🏻‍♀️

      1. I’ve always thought, like Trump or not, he’s like an exterminator I had years ago in CT: the guy tells me there are probably carpenter ant colonies in my house because everyone in my area has them. Ok, I’ll bite, show me. He’s sprays and holy crap there were dead ants everywhere (and wood damage I discovered doing repairs later).
        The swamp is very much like the ants, you can take out a few, but they’ll be back because the incentives to living the swamp life are just too lucrative and there’s no better example than Obama.

  2. When I’m king of this country my rule will be do as you please. If Obama wants to invite 700 ppl to Edgartown, let him. If I want to own ten guns legally, I should have that right.

  3. I don’t imagine Harry and Megs were left off the guest list. The party is a horrible idea on so many levels.

    1. Wouldn’t that be icing on the cake, for Harry and Megs to appear!!! I do wonder who the guest list includes. I presume it to be lots of Hollywood ass kisser types, his new Netflix “friends”. A smattering of Chicago pols, but I bet the DC private airports will be full of with lobbyists and elected officials jetting to MVY. There are many libs on the Vineyard in their summer houses already so some won’t have the pleasure of being seen flying in on a G4.

  4. The photo of Obongo at the top of this thread reveals that he’s assumed the visage of Alfred E. Newman since he departed the presidency. “What me worry?”

    1. Obama is such a fraud. And don’t get me started on the Mrs. She’s a bigger fraud than he, “I’ve Never Been Proud of America” worst first lady ever.

  5. You know Oprah will be there which means Gayle King too, to get the exclusive interviews for CBS “News”.

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