I Can Name 300 Reasons….

But here are three why I am not watching the Olympics.

1. American Shot put silver medalist strikes pose in protest.

I gotta say I had no idea crossing ones wrists was a sign of protest, but yep…

From the New York Post:

Silver medal-winning shot putter Raven Saunders raised her arms in an “X” formation over her head in symbolic protest while posing for photographers with her co-medalists on Sunday — in violation of the Olympic ban on medal ceremony protests.

Saunders, 25, of Charleston, South Carolina, told the Associated Press the gesture was a nod to “the intersection where all people who are oppressed meet.

Silly me, I’m thinking she can’t be oppressed if she’s a successful enough athlete to compete in the Olympics and WIN a silver medal. But apparently I’m wrong.

2. Gee, the USA Soccer team lost in the semis to Canada. Who saw that coming? I did. I did. Our team spent so much time on air as activists, they forgot to practice. USA hasn’t lost to Canada in 20 years. Teehee. Teehee.

3. This is the most curious entry. Simone Biles has miraculously recovered from her stress induced withdrawal, she’s now back in, competing in the Balance Beam. Color me jaded. Personally, I feel if she’s withdrawn that’s it. How can she at whim jump back in? There must be some official withdrawal aspect at the Olympics, right? I guess not.

I just want to sit at the tv and cheer stellar athletes who’ve worked hard to get to the Olympics. Is that so wrong?

I’m heading out soon for a long day. If your comment sits longer than usual for approval, apologies in advance.

Happy Monday. It’s a beautiful day in my neighborhood.

6 thoughts on “I Can Name 300 Reasons….

  1. The Simone Biles story has me curious too. Was it that she was nervous competing in a team event but is not stressed about an individual event?

    We haven’t watched any Olympics coverage either. I did cheer for Katie Ladecky because our daughter went to Sacred Heart in Greenwich and Katie is a graduate of the Sacred Heart system.

      1. Thanks. I didn’t know that. I see, by scrolling through Instagram this morning, she won a Bronze in the balance beam.

        It still doesn’t make sense to me how she could just drop back in. I guess good for her she felt emotionally strong enough to compete but I have to think others there competing in the balance beam were torn that she re-entered. Let’s say I knew I didn’t have a chance to medal with Biles in but with her out, my odds have increased.

  2. Just saw where the transgender weightlifter was knocked out of competition by all the actual women.
    I’m calling this the karma Olympics.

  3. The audacity of staging a protest at living in one of the few countries in the world that allows her to be treated equally before the law. And affords all sorts of programs designed (poorly, in many cases) to address differing outcomes among some minority groups. If she tried this on behalf of Iran, China or Russia, her family would be in jail, held hostage until she recanted. It amazes me that more people can’t see the logical inconsistency of protesting alleged American oppression before the world with zero personal repercussions to the athlete or to her family. Newsflash to leftists: if you are protesting oppression and no one gives you blowback in the form of jail, torture, harassment, death, assault, censorship then there is no oppression to you.

    As to her claims about all oppressed persons intersecting together, I suggest she read up on widely circulated comments from two black rappers made this weekend regarding gay men. I hardly think there’s any intersectionality going on when one minority group makes derogatory or unfounded comments about another.

    1. In 100% agreement with your comment. I can’t decide if their “protest” is to drum up publicity for future Nike endorsements or is she/he/they/zee really truly honestly believes America isn’t the best land for true freedoms.

      Fill me in. I missed the black rapper gay guy feud this weekend.

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