La Tour de Carraway

My entry into the Olympics, Pentathlon of Moving into an Apartment, herewith pix of our new temporary digs. Despite my grumbling, (like come to find out Property Manager isn’t actually ON the property today so the I’ll pass the message along went nowhere), the complex is not all that bad and has pretty decent amenities.

The public spaces are big, comfortable, and varied. You can sit in small room with comfy chairs and watch tv or you can be in the grand library with others and chat.

There’s a game room with miniature golf, air hockey, board games, game tables, and a big tv. A bar counter with stools out overlooking what will be the pool when done.


There’s a kitchen space that’s for rent if you want to entertain and I’ve been told there will be events like wine tasting there later.

There’s also a private dining room with refrigerated wine lockers. Not sure what the costs are to rent these spaces.

There’s a golf simulator and dog washing station. A kids playroom and a giant office room with cubbies on a first come first serve basis. Looks very popular every time I’ve walked by.

You can tell I played recently!! FORE!

For the four-legged family members, even Vinny’s yapper.

The pool area and courtyard are miles from being done but I am very very very thankful I did not chose an apartment that overlooks the courtyard. We’re in the booth in the back overlooking trees and an empty lot and the skyline of White Plains. Facing due west because we get killer sunsets. No one can look in to our apartment. We don’t look over anyone. No courtyard pool yahoo noise (Vinny comes to mind!! 😬😬😬) Good choice.

I found and had a good long chat with the woman who was our leasing agent. I was downstairs anyway and ran into her and asked if she could spare some time. She’s very good at what she does and was a good listener. I didn’t raise my voice, no need to, rather I calmly brought out all my concerns about the building management (and lack thereof). I even mentioned the blast letter to residents with the typos and apostrophe catastrophe!

She appreciated my tone. I told her she could hire me as the communications director and she said “not a bad idea”.

I met the building maintenance man. Got his card with his email address. We talked about Cablevision and he nodded in acknowledgment of the problem. He added that depending on where the apartment is in the complex the wiring either works or doesn’t. 🙄🤷🏻‍♀️ I held my tongue. He’s sending someone to get it right on Wednesday. Oh well. Meanwhile I got a bill from Optimum. Haven’t opened it. May not bother!!

Still trying to get away on vacation but I have to be in Bedford all day Monday. Hair cut. Post office. Meet with builder. The insurance company wants me to install No Smoking signs around the construction area and they also need a photograph of the fire extinguishers I bought. Endless paperwork and circling back.

TGIF. What’s everyone doing this weekend? Have a good one!

PS: Meant to add this photo too. There’s a weight and exercise room. Plus a yoga room. Ask me if I’ve been in either. 😉

14 thoughts on “La Tour de Carraway

  1. It’s a very nice place with terrific amenities. As a goodwill gesture, I think you should offer to wash and dry Gigi (that’s what I imagine a man named Vinny would name his awful little yapping dog).

    1. I think Vinny, his Mona Lisa Vito, and their yapping dog are away for the weekend. Haven’t heard a peep and the cart is in the garage. Aaah.

  2. Thanks for the tour. Nice digs. Just looking at that ladder in the library gave me an acrophobia attack 😳😉.

    1. Thankfully, you can’t climb the ladder. The first four steps are sealed with a hard plexiglass. I’m sure the insurance company covering the complex had apoplexy seeing a ladder. Honestly, I’m surprised it was put in place. Trip hazard too.

      While I was chatting with the leasing agent, a resident asked if she could interrupt for a quick question. Sure. She asked if the Bentley that was in the EV charging station was going to be towed because it’s been there for days. Bentley has an electric vehicle? And someone who lives HERE drives a Bentley?

      1. While the ‘no need to login’ feature is nice, I just sent that off without fully writing out my name. Which I think ended up truncated to ‘Dic’ when my finger hit the enter key. Apologies!

        1. I don’t see the other one with the shorter version of your name! Looks like you’re safe!

          There are pros and cons (from my point of view) for telling you all there’s no need to supply any information other than your handle of choice. Many don’t put anything in any field and WP defaults that up Anonymous. I’d like the Anons to pick a handle, I don’t care what it is, but it’ll give me some continuity of the Anons. I don’t know if there’s just one Anon or a dozen. No big deal. Just thinking out loud.

  3. Glad you asked. Taking my mom out Saturday night to the Muscoot Tavern. I was fortunate to learn of the Muscoot when a certain somebody recommended them on her blog 😉

    1. Yay me!!! It’ll be packed Saturday but that’s half the fun. Lots of great folks there always!! Walk over to King Kone for dessert!!!!! 🍦🍦🍦🍦

  4. Very nice complex. Maybe Vinny & yapper have gone to look for a new residence, a safe place, since he was triggered by his neighbors.

    1. The joint has been very quiet so far this weekend. Seems the whole world is on vacation because in searching for our getaway reservations, every place is booked through August. I guess it’s good news that people are back out and about. I have friends in Copenhagen now. Acquaintances in Florence. Greenbrier is booked. So too hotels we looked at in Lake George, Saratoga Springs, and two big resorts in New Hampshire….days here and there are available but no consecutive stretch of three or four days.

  5. Just got back from an all American vacation in northern Michigan that we’ve wanted to take for years. We stayed in Frankfort, MI, and while we weren’t on the water, the town beach on Lake Michigan was easily accessible as was Crystal Lake. Water there pretty cold, say 68 degrees max. Had fun climbing the Sleeping Bear Sand Dunes. We flew into Traverse City. Our daughter went there for a day trip and long bike ride. Rumor is that Traverse City is the next place drawing the tech crowd from California, as it is lovely.

    A very low key mid-western vibe. The towns have obviously not changed in years. Most of the lakefront houses on Crystal Lake and Platte Lake have been in the same families for generations. That area draws from Detroit, Chicago, and St Louis and points in between. Food was somewhat disappointing, I guess we are just jaded.

    Now we are back in Florida and adjusting to the heat. And red tide from the gulf.

    1. Sounds like a fabulous trip. Michigan certainly boasts some gorgeous waterfront. Really old fashioned beach towns. My Iowa (now Florida) friends spent summers when their boys were little in the Wisconsin Dells. Also very traditional old school fun.

  6. You may have already answered this, but, where did the name ‘Carraway’ come from? Also, any rules on the use of that ladder in the Grand Library? Looks like a lawsuit waiting to happen.

    1. This apartment complex is but one of a thousand Toll Brothers projects so I imagine they have a big staff dedicated solely to naming projects. No racists names. No Indian chiefs. No Confederate generals. No Italian land discoverers. There’s Rivington, Ridgecrest, Longwood Bluffs. Very vanilla names. I’m sure Carraway was pulled out of some hat and got voted on. Many of their projects seem to have a THE before the name. I guess it makes it sound swishier to charge more.

      I myself am wondering how I might parlay that ladder into free rent for a year, plus damages to cover the house renovation!! I Better Call Saul!!

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