Ha ha. Shoot Me. Ha ha. Not Funny at all.

So boys and girls, if you’ve been following the bouncing ball of my Cablevision headaches, you’ll know that I had a service tech appointment today. Yesterday’s tech told me it must be a problem in the building wiring so today’s guy did all his work in the switch room and the connection box in my apartment. He tried and tried and tried. Came back and rebooted boxes. To no avail.

Bottom line, Cablevision said……

I was told the problem is with the line outside that comes into the building. Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, nice to find that out now and why on earth did no one know that before and why on earth didn’t the building management and maintenance know that when I moved in and alert me????

And here’s part two of the sad saga, good luck contacting anyone in building management or maintenance. This building is run like crapola.

Yesterday afternoon I called to ask to speak to maintenance. There’s no direct line to Maintenance, no Press One now to leave a message for Maintenance. I left my message with some staff employee who got stuck with the job of answering the phone. I was told someone would call me back. They did not.

This morning at 8:30 I called again, asking if Maintenance could call me before the cable guy arrived. I was told the office doesn’t open until 9am but that FOR SURE they’d have maintenance call me. It’s 12:36p. No one called me.

After I learned the news that the problem is the responsibility of the building to resolve, I called the Carraway main number and asked to make an appointment with the Property Manager. There is no employee directory available to residents and there should be, in the resident portal app. Name by name directory with phone numbers and email addresses. I didn’t even know who to ask for.

Again, I get a junior pipsqueak employee whose job solely is to answer the phone. He didn’t have a clue if the manager was on site or if she could call me back today. Pat answer here is I’ll pass alone your message.

This is who I expect to contact me.

I’m guessing now the reason the maintenance guy didn’t call me back was he KNEW the problem was with the building and didn’t want to deal with it. If the building is so poorly run (hint, it is awfully run), who’s to know if/when the building will get around to fixing the line. One giant clusterf***. Meanwhile, I suppose I’ll get a full bill from Cablevision because they said at their end all is good so do I have to get the building to credit me monthly for what’s not working? I think yes.

What odds are you placing on me getting a call back from the property manager? I put the odds at zero.

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  1. I’ve learned a whole lot in the short time living the apartment lifestyle:

    1. It’s not for me. Not now. Not later. Not ever.

    Over the years we’ve talked about someday living in a senior citizen community, the only exit door is in a box. My mother did it for 20 years, in her own cottage but still communal living in the sense of eating meals with the same people night after night after night. Neighbors know who is coming and going and at what hour. I understand the merits of knowing aged parents are in a safe and controlled environment but after just a short time here, we’ll die with our boots on at home and hire caregivers.

    I find I’m not a good sharer. Shared walls. Nope. Shared public spaces. Nope. Maintenance problem resolution at the mercy of one man. I prefer looking across the breakfast table and telling my longtime personal maintenance man to fix the issue. It’s worked well this far. 😍

  2. I know nothing about FairShake and have nothing to do with them, but I thought this list might be helpful. I have a complaint against my long distance company with the FCC. Although it has not been resolved yet, I have been encouraged enough by their (FCC’s) response so far to recommend giving that a whirl if you’re so inclined. It was easy enough to do online; you could do it while you’re waiting on hold for Optimum. Nothing to lose, as they say. Good luck!


  3. Interesting. Thanks for the link. While Optimum got everything wrong, it wasn’t until today that I learned my complaint should really be against Toll Brothers management. I just remembered that in the first day Cablevision was here for the install, the tech said something in passing to me like “no one in the building who has Cablevision has full service”. Hmmmmm. I paid little heed to his comment but I didn’t forget it either. He must have known that the external wiring is not complete or is defective, or, as I surmised to today’s tech, that because the original service provider to the building was Service Electric, that Altice bought a month ago, the cable boxes ans Service Electric’s wiring are not fully compatible. Big problem. Big.

  4. Sounds to me like you’ll be streaming. It’s easy and it is an option.

  5. This is why I haven’t read one of your cable stories til now.
    I try to avoid all my homicidal maniac triggers.

  6. Just this very second, Optimum called to remind me of my appointment tomorrow. I do not have an appointment. I do not want an appointment. It was all automated. No press one to speak to an agent so I had to call them. They told me there is no appointment tomorrow. I said you should tell your automated calls that.

    Totally get why you’ve skipped reading over these posts. I wish I didn’t have to write them.

  7. Row row row your tv, gently down to streaming, merrily merrily merrily life is but a ….

  8. Words can barely express my empathy for you, my sister spirit, caught up in the nightmarish throes of technological bureaucracy! This will come to some sort of conclusion eventually, by which time I hope you have a semblance of sanity remaining. Speaking of senior citizen living choices, hubby and I have decided not to make any plans at all, waiting for fate to tell us what we need to do “when the time comes”. We have been in our home since 1974 and will do our damnedest to stay here until the bitter end – we have an extra half acre behind the house and I’m already thinking building a handicapped accessible attached apartment would suit us better than moving to a “facility” should that become necessary. Hang in there! Oldtimer

  9. Gee, I hope your Optimum internet connection is fast enough for streaming.

  10. My brain is fried from Cablevision techs here and phone calls with them. I’m not going to think about them again until the building resolves the issue.

    As for our aging futures, we think alike. I will say tho, that as a daughter, I was thrilled my parents (then mom alone after my dad died) lived in a Senior community. It was Especially gratifying they were safe since I didn’t even live in the same state.

    I guess we each do what works for us and our children.

  11. No. It’s cathartic. It’s like screaming in the middle of the Gobi Desert where you can’t be heard. I’m done now.

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