Friday Quiz, Part 1

Do you know who this woman is? Your time starts now.

12 thoughts on “Friday Quiz, Part 1

  1. She is the wife of a very successful artist. A con artist. But an artist all the same. No, she is not married to a Nigerian. Yes, I spend too much time reading the DM app.

    1. Bingo. Would you have known had you not been reading the REAL news at the Daily Mail? I did not know this woman by sight and more importantly, I also did not know the ”very successful artist” was MARRIED!!! Holy cow. Is she the hooker with whom he spawned a child? I don’t think this is his brother’s wife. Who is she and why on earth would she marry a drug addled egotistical con man????

      1. From that close up you posted? I would never have guessed. Maybe if you had posted one of the shots where we can see she’s walking with a man who quite clearly is guarding her. But that would only have been by deduction and would have been a guess.

        This is a very smart woman. Who wouldn’t want to stay married to a surefire money-making family whose patriarch has the ability to pardon federal crimes, to boot. She’s no dummy. She is also gutsy since very few people would ever have predicted the Big Guy would get the nomination let alone to take the oath of office (see what I did there?). And she knows the longer she stays, the more she gets – though apparently Hunter’s long-suffering first wife did not make out very well. Then again, first wife didn’t stick around for his art career and the Big Guy’s resurgence. I hope #2 and her similarly-aged step-daughters are able to get along. Perhaps she is able to help Hunter nurture their interest in art.

        1. You expected me up make the quiz easy?? 😉 Honestly tho, had I seen her whole body, even with a guard, I would not have known her.

          Did you know Hunter had a wife? I was shocked, yes shocked I tell ya, he was married.

          Your point is well taken about latching on to a money machine. But I gotta say, Hunter has to be a carrier of wicked STDs. He’s had sex with probably hundreds of hookers. I can’t imagine, no matter the financial gravy train his family may afford this woman, being in the same room as Hunter let alone call myself his spouse. Crazy.

        2. I did know he had this particular wife – a DM news overdose at the time alerted me to that. It was a last-minute wedding and if I recall correctly there was no party – they just went to the courthouse in Santa Monica (I may have the location wrong but I am pretty sure it was in southern California). Must be true love as they decided to forgo the gravy train of financial tributes that would have flowed had he mined the Big Guy’s rolodex for invites. She’s South African. And hopefully vaccinated for HPV, Hepatitis A and B and has a doctor on call for whatever else is needed.

        3. I can see I need to pay far more attention to The Daily Mail. My smut news quotient is lacking. Thanks for dirt.

    1. She does look a wee bit like Cameron Diaz, although I think Cameron is much prettier. It is not Cameron “It’s Something About Mary” Diaz.

      1. I was going Uma Thurman.
        Then I remembered ignoring this story like it was about Royal Grifters in Cali.
        But, since you brought it up I thought you were going to write about WTH is going on with her pants?

        1. Oh dear. Oh dear. I can’t unsee that. My eyes. My eyes. No wonder you asked what’s up with her pants!!!! 🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️😲

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