Stackables Are NOT for Short People!!

I shouldn’t complain. But I will. Of course!

In each apartment of this new complex is a brand new stackable washer and dryer. Good quality. Quiet. Fast. All to the plus side of living in an apartment. No coin operated machines in the basement. Yay.

However, this shortstride can not reach the buttons on the dryer!!! Not to mention that the button names are teeny and on a black background and unreadable from my vantage point way below.

So what’s a short gal to do???

As you can see there’s zero room around the laundry components to stash the Tide and Clorox, OR to store the Short Old Lady StepUp when not in use but there is a front hall closet nearby where all such good things live.

The other issue I have with these new fangled machines is the button area to press to start both the washer and dryer is flat and nebulous. Pressing ON the arrow doesn’t seem to do much so I keep pressing all around that button until the damn thing starts. Grrrr.

I preferred the way I did laundry at the house before moving to the apartment. It was much easier then!

By the way, the grocery cart is back in the garage area, the note removed. I didn’t find a horse’s head at my front door. That’s the good news. The OTHER good news is that the Cablevision tech just called to say I’m his next appointment. Fingers crossed folks. Fingers crossed!!

9 thoughts on “Stackables Are NOT for Short People!!

  1. You won’t be there long enough to care but perhaps the card needs a $20 deposit for use to be paid by credit card. I doubt a few coins would do the trick.

  2. I’m a little squirt, too. And I see this as a clear case of discrimination.
    SLM! Short Lives Matter!

    1. I should sue the manufacturer AND the apartment complex for not understanding the plight of us short people!! 💰💰💰💰💰💰

      1. I have a non-stacked top loading washer that is so deep I can’t reach the bottom of the tub. There’s seventy five cents banging around in there that I can’t reach to retrieve! Clearly, this is a serious problem! 🤣

        1. Haha. I laughed so hard I snorted. Same problem for me. My solution? I hang a pair of bbq tongs on a hook by the washer to reach waaaaaaay down to get that sock or 75c!!!

    1. Let’s wait until the cable guy leaves AND the boxes work AND I get all my old favorite channels. Then, yes, I’ll walk down to Wegman’s and buy a ticket or two.

  3. Ah, the memories! That photograph is the exact same setup my grandmother had in her basement. When I was little I used to stand on a chair and “help” Nana by feeding the wet clothes into the wringer. The whole operation fascinated me: much funner than peeking through the little window of my mother’s Bendix. Afterwards the laundry was hung out to dry on clotheslines. Outside in summer, basement in winter or rain.

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